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Background for product photography

Inventory Photography Everything You Need To Know

Inventory Photography | Everything You Need To Know

Fri Mar 31 2023

Business is all about pitching your ideas and showing your products in the most attractive way to get the attention of your potential customers. As much as an i...
Vinyl Backdrops For Product Photography

Vinyl Backdrops For Product Photography

Sat Feb 18 2023

Vinyl Backdrops are widely used among product photographers to create enticing product photos. Learn how to add a vinyl backdrop image to product images.

Color Psychology In Ecommerce

Tue Dec 06 2022

Different colors have distinct meanings. This article explains the psychology behind solid background colors in eCommerce photography.
Learn to create professional product photographs.

Product Photography Tips For Fashion Brands – Beginner’s Guide

Tue Dec 06 2022

Follow these few easy-to-implement DIY fashion photography and editing tips to increase your sales as a fashion brand.
Instagram Product Photography - Beginners Guide 2022

Instagram Product Photography – Beginners Guide 2022

Fri Sep 09 2022

Edit your product photographs for your Instagram business in minutes with the help of the Blend App which provides beautiful templates.
Footwear photography, shoe photography

5 Pro Tips For Footwear Photography

Tue Sep 06 2022

Certain things should be kept in mind while doing footwear photography, for example, lighting, angles, and more.
Steps to remove background.

Simple steps to remove background from the image

Wed Jul 06 2022

Removing backgrounds from images can now be an easy task when you have Blend app. Learn more about it in this blog.
Background color for product photography.

Best background colour for product photography

Thu Jul 07 2022

Choosing the right background colour to stage your product makes your product stand out. Read more on how to do it.

Dos and Donts of listing your products on Depop

Wed Jul 06 2022

Follow this quick guide and you’ll instantly generate leads if you’re selling or trying to sell your products on Depop.

Do’s and Don’ts of listing your products on Poshmark

Thu Dec 29 2022

If you are selling or looking to sell your products on Poshmark, follow this quick do’s and don’ts guide and instantly generate leads.

Dos and donts of listing your products on Ebay

Tue Jul 05 2022

If you sell on Ebay, follow these do’s and don’ts to instantly transform your seller status and boost your conversions.

Take pro product photos to boost conversion on Etsy

Wed Jul 06 2022

Your product photos matter most if you sell on Etsy. Follow these simple steps to transform your product photos and boost your conversion right away.
Perfect background for your product.

Product Photography – How To Choose The Perfect Background For Your Products

Wed Dec 28 2022

Product photography is crucial in e-commerce, and the right background can help position your product clearly and attractively. Know how.