Founded in 2011 in Italy, Depop has come a long way since. With an ever growing user count of aporxiately 30 million in 150 countries, the platform surely offers plenty, if you are interested in the selling business. Depop is simple, it is a peer to peer social ecommerce network which allows users to sell items like clothing, footwear and accessories. The best part about Depop is that it doesn’t ask for any listing fees or charges to join it. There is just a 10% selling fee which only comes into play if you actually happen to sell an item. 

So if you happen to have a bunch of unused clothes, shoes, handmade products, etc. lying around, selling them on Depop might be one of the best options. Now as we know it’s a great place to start, have a look at these simple Do’s and Don’ts that you can follow while listing your products on Depop to maximise your conversions as a seller.

DO – Invest in taking great photos and videos

As a seller one needs to know that  Depop is modelled after Instagram and hence what pictures you post matter the most. There is an option to use Four photos, so as a seller make sure you utilise them all. You can simply have a photo front, back, brand details/labelling and on a model. Also make sure that in product photos you take good care of the background, you can choose it as per the colour of the product and have it well so it’s shown in it’s true nature. You can also use photo editing apps for the same in case you have a limited budget.

When it comes to videos, go with a 360-degree view. This helps to show off in different angles in one go. Also make sure either choose your location carefully and if not you can remove the audio completely or add music over the top.

Tip – Don’t use images that have been taken from another website without their permission. Using stock photos is often a breach of copyright and as a result against our terms of use.

Make sure you take great visuals so that your product stands out.

DO – Covert lookers to buyers with your descriptions

Once you have taken care of your photos and videos, the very next thing that needs to be done right is creating product descriptions that result in instant conversions. Now when it comes to writing a product description one important thing to keep in mind is that it can be used to target the right audience by using product keywords. Apart from this make sure the tone you use is general and understandable by most, or easily translatable as this will help you cater a wider audience globally. Additionally you can highlight the details of the product in the description.

Target the right audience and use proper keywords to achieve instant conversions.

DO – Create accurate listings

Depop being one of the simplest platforms to sell on, often sellers make a mistake to treat like actual social networks. The thing is, it still has a Buyer Protection in place and all purchases made via the Depop BUY button are covered by it. In the event of the item not arriving or if it’s significantly not as described the buyer gets a full refund. Hence creating fake listings or simply trying to omit defects a product might have will never work out, if you are looking to grow on the platform. Making sure that each of your listing is accurate is the absolute go to.

DO – Use social media to promote your products

Now as you have learned what basics need to be followed while creating a listing it’s equally important to know how to promote one. Now Depop not only allows it, but suggests that users should frequently use social media platforms to promote their products. This helps your listing further as there may be a heap of potential buyers that haven’t joined the platform as of now and simply missing out on them isn’t acceptable.

DON’T – Overprice your items

A good price can have a big impact on whether or not someone decides to buy your item, even if you have uploaded high-quality pictures and written a detailed product description. If you price an item too low, your profits may suffer. If you price too high, your customers may also be dissuaded by the high price. Calculate the total cost, including shipping and the retail price of your item. If an item is already being sold by other sellers on Depop, search for similar listings and try to price your item for slightly less than the rest to give your listing an edge over competitors.

DON’T – Underestimate print-on-demand products

You can still sell online on Depop even if you don’t have inventory. Do it by selling print-on-demand items, you will not need to keep inventory. To print your own custom goods, such as t-shirts, mugs and more, all you have to do is choose the right print-on-demand service provider for your business. When it comes to print-on-demand service providers, check out this detailed comparison of Printful vs Printify by Ecomsay to understand how to select service providers that may work best for you.

DON’T – Start listing without a valid Paypal account

Getting paid on Depop is very easy if you have a valid Paypal account. As Depop does not have its own payment system this is very crucial to any listing you make on it. As long as you have a PayPal account, whenever you make a sale, the money goes directly to that account. Once it has been transferred, you can move it over to your bank account if you so desire. You can also process refunds via PayPal.

Don’t forget to create a valid Paypal account so that whenever you make a sale, the money goes directly to that account.

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