Ebay as we know it is one of the largest ecommerce platforms in the world, with operations expanding in more than 32 countries in the world and revenue of around $10 billion it sure is one of the best places to sell on. The platform has created numerous opportunities for sellers ever since it started operating in 1995, hence when it comes to listing your products on Ebay it matters that you know what to do and what to avoid. 

Now Ebay, unlike a few other ecommerce platforms, makes it straightforward for sellers with few requirements, but those few tend to be the makers or breakers. The most important thing to know as a seller is to never violate Ebay listing policies, you can find them in this link. If you violate these then anything else here won’t help you out at all.

DO – Always try to be unique

It goes without saying that Ebay unlike ETSY is majorly a price based market and hence when you try to be unique you will end up getting higher conversions. Now what it means to be unique is to avoid the defaults that Ebay provides to help its sellers while listing. Instead use original product images and write your own product descriptions, this will help you represent your products accurately which buyers find fulfilling. You can also read this article about how you can make your products images perfect by removing the backgrounds via AI powered Apps.

DO – Write clear and detailed product descriptions <Image>

Product descriptions are very crucial when it comes to selling online, it not only helps with your products getting better rankings on search engines but it is also the only documented source of information for the buyer. Always use descriptive keywords in the title and product description to help buyers find your items. While it is always easy to just copy stuff, it won’t take you anywhere as a seller on Ebay, so make sure that descriptions are not only self composed but includes details like product condition (in case pre-owned), exact size, colour, etc.

Using descriptive keywords in the title and product descriptions will help your products get better rankings on search engines.

DO – Know what type of listing works best for you

Now what Ebay has been doing differently than most other seller platforms, is offering an option to have an auction apart from the usual fixed price listing. Now as a seller it may not be best to just go with the crowd, as your product may be rare and capable of fetching a higher price. If Ebay went to the lengths of creating an option when most others didn’t, then it sure is something to check out at the least. It is best to try out both types of listing and understand that as a seller if one works for you better than the other.

It is important what type of listing works for you as a seller.

DO – Understand Ebay selling limits

Now as per Ebay they have selling limits designed to help sellers grow their business in a manageable way while ensuring that the customers get a great service too. Apart from this there is also a category limit, especially if you are new to selling in that specific category. This is to enable sellers to understand the rules of selling in that particular category better and manage their inventory more efficiently. Now these limits are increased as your business starts to grow so it aint a hindrance if you are looking to go big eventually, but understanding them is the key to boost your sales. You can find them in the seller hub section so you can easily check them out while listing your products.

DON’T – Compromise with the buyer experience

As Ebay tends to provide it’s buyers with a great service, compromising on it isn’t something that you should ever do while listing your products. Always make sure you avoid adding links which tend to send buyers outside of Ebay as it will protect them from spam and malwares. Also make sure that you don’t use outside links to sell products that come under prohibited and restricted items, it may not only hinder user experience but also violate Ebay policies.

Make sure you adhere to Ebay policies when it comes to prohibited and restricted items.

DON’T – Use images or graphics that tend to break down

In recent years shoppers not only use their Mac’s and PC’s to buy products online but mostly go with their smartphones and ipads. Now Ebay as a platform has made sure to put enough resources into mobile optimization and apps, hence not making sure your product listing complies with the same is an absolute no go. Always make sure your product images are mobile friendly. While the use of active content like Flash, JavaScript, Plugins and what not may be avoided altogether.

DON’T – Ignore latest features offered by Ebay.

Ebay in 2018 added two new features – Find it on Ebay and Image search. What these essentially do is make the buyer experience more enjoyable and easy. The Find it on Ebay enables shoppers to utilise social media, blogs or websites and find products on eBay. Shoppers can just share the URL with eBay and eBay’s mobile app will show them listings of the product. The Image search on the other hand will let shoppers take a photo and use it to find an item they want to purchase by entering it into the Search bar. eBay will then give them listings that are a close match or visually similar. These are very useful features and not making sure your listing complies with them may not be your best bet.

Make use of latest features offered by Ebay to make buyer experience more enjoyable and easy.


As mentioned before, always be sure that you understand eBay’s policies for sellers, as violating any of these may result in eBay taking action against you.

  • Account Cancellation (No refund of seller fee)
  • You may lose your PowerSeller status
  • Account Suspension
  • Limiting your account

Additionally If eBay finds that you’ve violated their policies, they will notify you and any bidders that your listing has been ended. Which can never be good for business.

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