Poshmark is a social commerce marketplace where users in the US, Canada, Australia and India can buy and sell new or used clothing, shoes and accessories. Started back in 2011, Poshmark has grown substantially with an estimated revenue of more than 250 million and Four million sellers on board. This makes it arguably one of the best platforms if you are into the selling business. It doesn’t matter if you are already a power seller or just starting at Poshmark, it is essential to know what right and wrongs one should follow while listing their products on the platform to maximise the conversions and boost sales.

Now when it comes to selling on Poshmark it is actually a lot easier than most of you think. However the biggest issue happens to be the listings themselves. You can list a gazillion products and share them all you want but if you are not targeting the right audience then your products probably won’t sell. Today we are going to understand what are the most important factors one needs to know while listing products on Poshmark.

DO – Create listing titles that get instant leads

The very first thing about any listing on any platform is hidden into the way it’s titled. You can write titles like “Cutest Top” but is that really effective? Ask yourself. The reason most sellers are not able to generate a higher number of leads is simply because when people search for items they don’t end up scrolling a whole lot of pages to find them, they look at the top ones. Hence making sure your titles are SEO optimised and apt is the very basic yet an important factor. One key point is that you should include the colour of the item in the title, it’s minimalistic but narrows down potential buyers pretty well.

Mentioning colour of the item in the product title will generate a higher number of leads.

DO – Take good care of your listing descriptions

Poshmark has a limit to the characters one can put when it comes to descriptions and hence every word you write literally counts. The best way to get started is from your title itself and make sure you include key details about the product. These can include brand, colour, size, condition (new or pre owned) and any material details. Additionally you can add a styling tip too. We have created an example below.

“Black Ed Hardy Sneakers – UK SIZE 11 

A pair of dull black Ed Hardy sneakers in UK size 11, no damage and worn twice. These are made of pure leather, mid rise and are great for colder months. The colour in the picture might be a little darker than the original.

DO – Take good care of your product photos

Now if you have tried selling on Poshmark you must be aware that the platform allows a maximum of four photos to be uploaded with each listing. This makes it tricky, especially when you are selling a pre owned item. The best practice to get the most out of your products photos is to keep at least two front and back photos. The other two can be used for any details you want to show. Let’s say you are selling a bag that has a spot or two then it’s fairly easy but in case it has a fair number of them, making a collage will be your best bet. It will enable you to cover up to eight pictures instead of two. 

Another important thing to keep in mind is to avoid using Poshmark provided filters as they tend to hide the true nature of the item which may drive away potential buyers. You may however use basic editing to tune basics like contrast, brightness, colour, etc. You may also check out these great apps to help out with backgrounds.

Keep at least two front and back photos and avoid using Poshmark provided filters to get the most out of your product photos.

DO – Understand the idea Poshmark was created on 

Unlike traditional selling platforms, Poshmark is a SOCIAL commerce marketplace and hence it is important to treat it like one. Always make sure you dedicate time in sharing other peoples listings and following them. This builds goodwill and people mostly return the favour by sharing your listings as well, thereby building a network. Now again it’s not random sharing one should focus on, as a seller always makes it a targeted one to boost your own conversions. The most simple trick is to follow listings that sell products similar to yours and have a high number of likes. This will help you target the buyers interested in that kind of product and you can follow them so that they eventually see your products when you list them.

DON’T – Let your pricing wander

Even though it’s tempting to earn a whole lot of money selling online, one needs to understand the platform you’re using. According to market analysis items that come under the “New with tags” category fetch the highest prices, that being said it is usually around 60% of the original price, while the other items fall even lower at around 40% of the original prices. So make sure you keep your prices in check as that’s how resale works.

Make sure you keep your prices in check.

DON’T – Hesitate in creating truthful listings

The best practice in creating a perfect listing lies in the truth it offers. You may be able to sell products by leaving out certain details but if the buyer finds it out, they can reach out to Poshmark claiming that you were not transparent with the listing and hence there goes your revenue. Always make sure the photos, descriptions and titles take care of any and every detail that needs to be mentioned on the listing. This will help you retain your buyers and build goodwill on the platform.

DON’T – Sell restricted items on Poshmark

Poshmark doesn’t allow selling certain items such as cosmetic items, fake, counterfeit, stolen or illegal items. It also restricts selling non clothing items such as cell phones, electronics, DVDs, health & wellness products and any item made from animals that are endangered or extinct (fur coats, alligator purses, etc.). You may see certain people selling these items but rest assured, Poshmark will suspend accounts who do so. Hence try to avoid having such items in your listings at all times.

Avoid having restricted items in your listings at all times.

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