Business is all about pitching your ideas and showing your products in the most attractive way to get the attention of your potential customers. As much as an inventory helps keep your unordered products, it if is being used properly it can also help grow the order and sales rate of your business to the next level. In this world of technology, we all know how impactful E-commerce has become and the most important part of the E-commerce business is product photography and Inventory photography.

Difference Between Product Photography And Inventory Photography

To understand the difference between product photography and inventory photography, you first need to understand the difference between product and inventory.

The product is the finished product that your brand sells to the customer. For example, if you own a cake shop then the finished cake with decoration is your product.

Inventory is the place where the raw material is kept as well as the finished product. For example, the inventory of a clothing store contains the pieces of cloth, designing materials like sequences, laces, metal decorations, etc. along with the finished outfit.

Therefore, the product photography is the photos taken of the final product of a brand to promote sales. Whereas, Inventory photography is the photos taken of both the product and the photos of the making process and raw materials.

Inventory photographs help your customers to understand the authenticity of your brand. By showing the raw materials and the making process you create a bond of trust between your brand and the buyers.

How To Take Inventory Photographs

You do not have to be a professional or hire an expensive professional photographer to take inventory photographs. Just a few tips and tricks can help you get your desired results.


Make sure the lighting of your workplace is heavy enough but not too flashy, to clearly show all the raw materials and ingredients of the inventory. Natural sunlight is the best so try to have the photo shoot in front of an open window in the daytime if possible. Play with shadows and make sure the shadows do not hinder the focus items.


You can use either a simple DSLR camera or just your smartphone can work fine. Do not use a wide-angle lens as it tends to distort the photographs. To avoid blurriness use a tripod and take high-quality images.


Try taking the images from different angles and see what works best for you. Showing the details of the product is the priority so try to take closeups of detailings. Also, take photos at such an angle that avoids unnecessary shadows and reflections on the image especially if the product is reflective.


This part is more important for product photography than inventory photography. But in the case of inventory photography also you should try avoiding cluttered and messy backgrounds. A clean and hygienic workplace will never fail to attract consumers.

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