Whether you are a marketer, a content writer, or an editor, you know how difficult it is to deal with images on a daily basis and especially if you are from a non-designer background. Sometimes, there are easy tasks such as cropping and retouching images but the real task comes when you have to do more than that, such as to remove background from the image. You can simply do the resizing changes with your phone or maybe a built-in image editing tool on your phone but for more professional editing you would need a proper image editing app.

Let’s take, for instance, you did a product photoshoot but did not like the results. Now, the very common task you may encounter is the background! And editing or removing background from the product photo is where the real task comes in. Well, the good news is, it’s no more a difficult task! Today we have got plenty of options and apps for photo background removal which we can use even if we don’t have proper knowledge of it. All these image background removal apps won’t cost you much money and you will be surprised how easy it is to use them. One such useful app is Blend –

Blend – Image background removal App

Blend app is an app that helps e-commerce sellers remove background from product photos and create high-quality photos for social media posts. It automatically helps remove backgrounds. If you wish to edit your photos or change the background, Blend has a free background changer app.

There are various online platforms that require you to change the backgrounds according to their needs. Some require a white or grey background, and some require no background or blurred background. Now, this becomes a difficult task to complete when you don’t know where to seek help. But blend help you remove and edit background so professionally that it also helps increase your sales.

Let’s see how it works :

Step 1: Click on ‘create design’.

Step 2: Choose the image you want to edit.

Step 3: Automatic background removal.

Background removal tutorial.

This is how easy is it to remove backgrounds. But the work doesn’t finish here if you want to get good sales through images. Choosing the right background is very important as it will decide how engaging your online website is.

When you remove the background from your image, it will leave you with a blank transparent background that will not grab much attention. This can be edited with patterns, colors, and props to add some context, vibe, and uniqueness.

Importance of background

  • If your product is too simple to add any background, a plain solid background would be good enough. It will not only bring the spotlight to the product but also will attract the attention of the viewers. Having a solid background also provides consistency to your website.

Blend offers various tools and colors for you to choose from.

How it works-

Step 1: Choose the image

Step 2: Remove background

Step 3: Add the color you like.

Remove background from the image
Adding colors.

Choose a right template

  • To get good product listings on your website and on social media posts, you can use the help of templates. Blend offers various varieties of templates for you to choose from.

How it works –

Step 1:  Choose the image

Step 2: Choose the template you like.

Step 3: Add your image to the template according to your need.

Use a right background

  • Having many varieties give us a huge platform to choose from and we make the right selection according to our liking. Blend offers 50,000 options of background images. You can easily choose from them and make your product image stage out from others.

  How it works –

Step 1:  Choose the image

Step 2: Go to edit background

Step 3: Add a background image.

Image background
Adding background image.

Removing background from images is no longer a difficult task. In fact, it has become easier over the years, all thanks to the latest technology. The above app is useful enough to complete the task for you with ease.