Depop offers two ways for sellers to ship their sold items. A merchant can either use Depop shipping or ship the parcel personally.

With Depop shipping the seller does not need to worry about anything as Depop handles everything from providing shipping labels to collecting the product from your doorstep and delivering it to your buyer. Although to use Depop shipping, the seller or buyer must pay a fixed shipping cost based on the postal service policy of the seller’s country. The shipping costs of different regions are as follows.

US Shipping Costs

Extra-small:  $4.40 (First Class – less than 4oz)

Small:  $4.40 (First Class – less than 8oz)

Medium:  $6.20 (First Class – less than 12oz)

Large:  $7.60 (Priority Mail – less than 16oz)

Extra-large:  $12.25 (Priority Mail – less than 2lb)

Extra-large:  $16.15 (Priority Mail – less than 10lb)

UK Shipping Costs

Small (<1kg) – £2.99

Medium (<2kg) – £4.49

Large (<5kg) – £6.49

Worldwide shipping charge is based on regional shipping policies.

On the other hand, if the seller chooses to ship the item on their own with the help of third-party postal services, then they will have to pay the postal service directly and Depop will not get involved in the shipping process.

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