Product images are the faces of your E-commerce storefront. More than 90% of online buyers consider buying a product after seeing the product images. So, the quality and quantity of product images are the keys to boosting your sales and growing your business.

To make a significant change to your sale rate at Depop, you need to understand the platform’s requirements for product images.

  1. You should take at least 4 images of your product for each listing. It helps the customers to see various angles of the product.
  2. Depop prefers flat lays over hanger shots, increasing the sale rate by 60%.
  3. Try to use real models rather than mannequins for fitting shots.
  4. The first or feature image should be of the whole product.

As Depop mentioned in their article, ‘ Photos are the heartbeat of Depop’, giving extra effort and time to editing the images can quickly increase revenues for your business. Let’s explore how you can take great photos for your Depop store:

1. Lighting

You do not necessarily need a professional photoshoot setup to get ideal product images. Natural sunlight can work more than enough for your Depop product images. You can take the pictures in front of an open window with no excess or less exposure, and try avoiding shadows of equipment or the product itself.

How To Take Great Pictures For Depop I Lighting

2. Camera

A smartphone can get you your desired result if you cannot afford a camera. Try taking clear and HD images by using just a regular tripod to avoid blurry and unfocused images. But if you wish to use a camera, DSLR can be a good option. Try not to use wide-angle lenses as it tends to distort images.

How To Take Great Pictures For Depop I Camera

3. Angles

Angles are an essential feature of product photography. The viewers cannot see or feel the product in real life therefore if you cannot portray all the important aspects and designs of the product, you might possibly lose potential customers. As mentioned before, you can use 4 images for your listing, try using the front, back, closeup of labels or tags and fitting as your 4 images. You do not need to hire a professional model to get the fitting image, you can try it yourself or ask a friend to give you a hand.

How To Take Great Pictures For Depop I Angles

4. Background

Depop does not have any restrictions regarding the background of images. But it is suggested to use simple yet interesting backdrops that do not distract the attention from the focused product. It is ideal to use contrasting solid or gradient backgrounds or flat lays to get the best result.

Do not have complimentary solid color backdrops? Do not worry, download Blend to edit attractive product photos with 5000+ free templates of your choice.

How To Take Great Pictures For Depop I Background

Additional informations

Apart from the above-mentioned methods to get perfect product photos for your shop, you can also use videos to show your product. Keep in mind to show all the details in the video and avoid unnecessary background noise while filming the video.

Depop strictly restricts the use of stock images as it is illegal to use them due to copyright. Therefore, put in the effort and create your own product images to increase sales.

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