You don’t need to hire a professional to take attractive product photographs for you anymore. Here is a list of techniques that you can use to create a gradient background for your products in your own setup to increase your conversion to the e-commerce marketplace.

  1. Gradient effect using light
  2. Ready-made gradient backdrops
  3. Gradient effect in post-production

Gradient Effect Using Light

Gradient Background In Product Photography | Gradient effect using light
Use product and lighting to produce a gradient backdrop.

Play with the position of your sunset light since it would hugely affect the final results.

Place it in front of your product to illuminate the product, or if you want to illuminate the background, place the light behind your product.

Ready-Made Gradient Backdrops

Gradient Background In Product Photography | Ready-made gradient backdrops
Use studio lighting to create your own gradient.

This one is quite simple, you just need to place your backdrop evenly and use your studio lights effectively to achieve the gradient effect.

Gradient Effect In Post-Production

Gradient Background In Product Photography | Gradient effect in post-production
Use a gradient template while editing.

This step may be easier or more difficult, depending upon the program you use.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

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