Depop is one of the most used resale platforms with over 15 million users buying and selling their favorite items daily. And the best way to do your e-commerce business on Depop is by using the most useful feature ‘Bundle’. It means just as it says. Bundle up your products and start selling all at once. It is useful to both seller and buyer because it allows the buyer to buy 2 or more items from a single seller through only one transaction. So in this article, we’ll talk about how we can use the feature Bundle on Depop to its fullest and boost your sell rate.

How To Bundle On Depop

Bundling items on Depop is very simple and easy. All you have to do is to visit the settings and turn on the Bundle option. Or if you do not want to bundle your items all the time, and your buyer wants some specific items from your listings, then you can also create that specific listing and turn on the bundle option for that particular listing.

Furthermore, you can use the feature for Combo and BOGO sales. For example, say you are selling skin care, put all the daily care routine items in one single bundle. Or if you are a fashion brand, put a whole outfit that includes clothing, accessories, and shoes in one bundle. This way, your customers do not have to search for the items individually.

There is also an option of free shipping on Bundle offers. It is up to the seller, so calculate your profit beforehand and offer free shipping that always attracts customers.

How To Ship Bundles

If you use Depop’s shipping feature USPS, then it will combine the items on the bundle altogether and give a single prepaid USPS label on the package. And if you want to ship the items yourself then just put them in a single package and ship them to their owner.

Commission Fee Of Bundles

There is no separate commission fee for bundled items. As usual, the items are counted individually and the commission fee will be applied accordingly. Learn more in this article.

Payments For Bundles

The receipts of Bundled items will be seen as a single transaction on both the buyer’s and seller’s PayPal accounts. By clicking on the transaction, you can get the breakdown of each item on ‘Purchase Details’.

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