Depop is not only an e-commerce platform but also a social media platform where users can follow and like each other’s listings and also buy or sell vintage items.

What is verification in Depop?

Just like other social media platforms, Depop recognizes celebrities, influencers, brands, and top sellers as special and trustworthy users of their platform. The blue tick which is the verified badge of Depop signifies that the account is carefully analyzed by the Depop team and it is worth following them or buying their products.

Why does the blue tick matter for Depop sellers?

The blue tick is the symbol of authenticity and recognition from the platform. It is only given to brands, celebrities, influencers, and top sellers so that buyers can have faith in their products and purchase from them without hesitation. It is also an honor rewarded from the platform by carefully scrutinizing the account by the authority.

How to Become a top seller?

Becoming a top seller and getting verified on this platform is not as easy as it sounds. While you cannot pay or subscribe for the blue tick, without an influential status, as a general seller you will have to work hard to achieve the requirements for becoming the top seller.

The Top Seller Program Qualification requirements are as follows,

  1. Need to sell 50+ items at an average of £15 (for UK)/$20 (for US)/ $26 (for Australia) before fees for four months in a row.
  2. Or, products worth £2000 (for UK)/$2600 (for US)/ $3,500 (for Australia) before fees need to be sold for four consecutive months.
  3. The average rating on the account should be 4.5 stars.
  4. Items need to be shipped within 3 days of order and the buyer should receive it within an average of 10 days.

Fulfilling these requirements is not enough. Even though once you get verified as a Top Seller it is permanent, Depop also has full right to take down the verification or suspend the account if the user does not show consistency or show any misconduct in the platform and community. The top sellers are eligible to get exclusive space to connect with fellow Top Sellers and the Depop team on their private forum and also get promotional opportunities.

The sales target for Top Sellers are as follows,

  1. UK: Sell 200+ items at an average price of £15 or sell items totaling £8,000 before fees.
  2. US: Sell 200+ items at an average price of $20 or sell items totaling $10,400 before fees.
  3. Australia: Sell 200+ items at an average price of $26 or sell items totaling $14,000 before fees.
  4. Rest of the world: Sell 200+ items at an average price equivalent in value to £15 or sell items equivalent to a total value of £8,000 before fees.

Here are some easy yet efficient tips and tricks to increase your sales on Depop,

  1. Hashtags: Use trendy hashtags for each of your listings to attract more buyers. Read this article on some of the most used hashtags on Depop.
  2. Promotion: The best way to promote your listing on Depop is by gaining more followers on your account. You can also create attractive product advertisements with Blend and post them on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  3. Upload On Peak Times: The peak times for launching new products and uploading your listings is during weekends and just before any holiday or festival.
  4. Free Shipping: Include free shipping on your products so that buyers get attracted by the offer, and comprise the shipping cost within the price of the product.
  5. Product images: Use high-quality product images for each listing while maintaining the Depop product image rules.

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