Depop is an eCommerce marketplace with a vibrant and emerging merchant and buyer network. The number of potential buyers who see your listings on Depop depends heavily on the number of followers.

Strategies To Get More Depop Followers

The following are practical approaches to gaining more followers on Depop:

Following Other Users

This is an obvious choice! If you are starting with no followers or if you have fewer followers, start following others ASAP. This is the best method to get traction on Depop, as many users will check their notifications when you follow them and take a glance at your Depop shop!

A portion of them will quickly follow you back. Targeting those who have liked items similar to what you’ve shared is extremely beneficial.

The most effortless method to track relevant users on Depop is to access the user list of followers that sell similar items and follow users on that page. Utilizing your competitors ‘followers’ list is the easiest technique to gaining more followers as the users you now follow are “pre-targeted.”

Additionally, you can also use auto-follow bots that streamline the entire process. These bots automatically follow users with similar preferences, although the daily follow limit is at 7501.

Like Posts Published By Other Users

To enhance your level of engagement on the platform, like other users’ posts regularly. You should specifically appreciate products of people with similar aesthetics to boost your chances of receiving a follow in return.

Send Messages And Comment On Others Posts

You will occasionally come across someone on Depop with a fantastic sense of style (perhaps even one comparable to your own or your store). Leave a comment or send them a direct message to share your thoughts to develop a rapport with them.

Always communicate in a casual and welcoming manner. Don’t be afraid to ask customers to leave a review after they purchase from you. You seem more trustworthy to others as you amass more reviews on Depop.

Make Your Depop Posts More Appealing

Here are some effective ways to make your Depop posts more attractive:

·    Take decent pictures of your products and keep shots consistent while adhering to a general theme.

·    Use proper lighting when taking pictures.

·    Use a high-quality camera.

·    Put your most popular goods at the top of your Depop shop.

·    Choose a stunning theme for your Depop product photographs. Blend App has a lot of Y2K and contemporary themes for Depop.

Make Sure That You Refresh Your Listings

Depop ranks products by recency when a user searches for something, so make sure that you update your listings accordingly.

Your listings will be bumped up to the top of the search results if you update them daily. Your store’s “impressions ” will completely transform by following this simple step.

Tell People What You Sell

Did you know that your Depop bio can help you get more Depop followers in addition to increased sales? The easiest way to enhance your bio is by telling people what kind of listings they will see if they follow you on Depop. For instance, in your profile, you should specifically say that you sell Y2K products on Depop. 

You’d assume that this would be a common practice. However, many people often neglect to optimize their bio. By doing this, you attract customers who have an innate interest in your products.

A percentage of Depop users will visit your profile if you adhere to our bio optimization suggestions. When bio optimization and active participation on Depop are used together, people who visit your store will have an effortless way to determine if they are interested in your profile or not.

Publish Your Content On Social Media

In any marketplace, the highest sellers are those who have mastered the use of social media.

Depop is no different. Consider Depop celebrities like Internet Girl! To grow their fan base, they don’t solely depend on Depop, do they?

You must do what most people don’t if you want to succeed and increase your audience base. Most sellers don’t invest time in establishing a regular posting schedule on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. They don’t appear to care enough, and it seems like too much effort.

You might ask: Why is this the case?

Consistency is the key; without commitment, your hard work will not materialize.

Use Hashtags

Depop profiles and listings get discovered effortlessly via hashtags. They help buyers to find the product they’re looking for.

While researching the best hashtags to use, you should put yourself in the shoes of the customer to fully understand their relevance and where, how, and when to use them.

For instance, hashtags such as #y2k, #grannypop, #thrifftfinds, and #vintage help people discover the relevant Depop profiles and listings.

Discover A Depop Seller Community

There are plenty of online communities for Depop sellers to spread the word about your shop. One of the best communities to check out is the “Depop Reddit Community,” which has more than 40k subscribers with a wide variety of sellers and buyers.

The following is the link to the Depop subreddit:

While unmitigated self-promotion isn’t permitted, the community occasionally shares threads that allow you to share your Depop shop. This is an extraordinary method of gaining more followers on Depop.

Final Thoughts

Ensure prospective buyers can easily understand your profile to establish a good first impression. This entails optimizing your bio. The idea is to keep it concise and to the point. You don’t need to compose a lengthy bio, as most readers ignore long walls of text.

We’ve covered some of the most effective strategies to increase your Depop followers, but we still have one more piece of advice to give you an edge over competitors and increase your sales.

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With professional photo editing, social graphics, and product photo features, you can quickly stand out online and increase your sales as a Depop store owner.