As a beginner, it is best to ship your sold items with Depop Shipping instead of doing it on your own as Depop Shipping provides an easier way to deliver your items to your buyers without stepping out of your house. While we have already discussed how a seller can use Depop shipping or other means to ship their items in our previous article. Now, in this article, we will talk about how you can get the shipping label that is used as the receipt of the sold item on Depop.

There are two ways to ship an item, If you want to personally ship the products using a delivery service, then you can simply create your own receipt with the necessary information like the name and address of the buyer, and then print it to stick on the packaging. For information on how to ship items with Depop, read the linked article.

In the case of using Depop Shipping, Depop will automatically create the receipt for you to use in shipping. Follow the steps below to get the label.

Step 1

To ship with a Depop label, the very first thing that you have to do is to enable the ‘Ship with Depop’ option while listing your product on Depop. If a buyer purchases an item without ‘Shipping with Depop’ then the shipping label will not be generated so check every listing before uploading.

Step 2

Once your buyer buys the product and the transaction is done, Depop will automatically mark the item as sold and create a receipt, which you can access as long as your PayPal account is fully verified and connected to ‘Depop Balance’.

Step 3

Go to ‘All Sold Items’ and select the transaction for which you need the shipping label.

Step 4

On the selected transaction you will find the ‘View my Shipping Label’ option, select it, and click print to get the label printed.

Paste the shipping label correctly on the packaging so that the courier service can find it easily. Lastly, all you have to do is wait for the Depop service to collect your parcel and deliver it to your customer’s doorstep.

Depop charges different shipping costs for different regions of the world so before you list your products on Depop, make sure you go through the shipping cost list in this article.


How to grow followers on Depop?

Create great product photos and advertisements to attract new customers. Also, communicate with fellow sellers and buyers to grow your own community and business. Click here to learn more.

What should I sell on Depop?

Depop has strict rules on selling illegal and prohibited items on its platform. The most common thing to sell on Depop is vintage and branded clothes and accessories.

How can I take professional product photos for Depop?

Taking HD product photos without wasting money and time on professionals is no big deal with the help of Blend Photo Editor which is specially designed for Ecommerce Sellers to enhance their product images and boost conversion. Learn more here.