Bargaining is a widespread term when it comes to business all over the world. Be it a small local business or a multi-million dollar company negotiation, who would not want the best outcome at the cheapest cost? India’s leading e-commerce platforms Meesho and Shopsy are such marketplaces that bring the cheapest product to their customer’s doorstep.

Meesho is a Bangalore-based e-commerce platform where sellers from all over the country list their products, mostly fashion items at affordable prices to grow their business. However, Shopsy is managed by Flipkart and is one of the fastest-growing marketplaces with over 100 Million users.

1. Registration

The registration process for both platforms is easy with no offline paperwork hassle. All you need is to upload authentic identification and legal documents of your business to get on board.

Here is the list of documents required for signing up for each platform.


  • Bank Details
  • Mobile number
  • Email ID


  • Mobile Number
  • Email ID
  • Sample Signature
  • Bank Details
  • PAN Card Number
  • Canceled Cheque (With company name)

Once you are registered as a Meesho Supplier or Shopsy Seller, you can immediately start uploading one or more product listings on Meesho Supplier Panel or Shopsy Seller Dashboard to go live with your business.

2. Shipping

To ship your products to your customers Meesho and Shopsy provide their own logistic partners to do the delivery for you. All you have to do is pack the items properly upon getting orders and hand them over to the delivery person from your doorstep so that they can dispatch them to the buyer’s address. However, Shopsy sellers need to pay the shipping cost while in Meesho the seller can decide who pays for the delivery.

3. Commission Fee

Meesho is the first e-commerce platform in India that has introduced a Zero commission business model for their sellers, followed by other platforms such as Shopsy. This means that anyone can list and sell their products in their e-commerce marketplaces with absolutely zero charges and no investments. However, shop owners will have to pay for using special advertising features which are optional on both platforms.

4. Payment

Shopsy is run by Flipkart therefore the payment is also similar to its mother company. That is, once an order is placed and dispatched, the company takes around 7-15 days to transfer the amount to the seller’s registered bank account. And from there you can withdraw the money anytime you want.

As Meesho is also a commission-free marketplace, the full amount is transferred within 7 days of the product delivery including COD orders.

5. Special Features

Although Meesho offers multiple features for the sellers to enhance their product visibility and boost sales, Meesho Ads is the only tool that charges money based on the seller’s needs and it is completely controlled by the merchant, which means the seller can fully manage the duration, cost and products of each campaign. Some other useful Meesho tools are the Price recommendation tool that helps the seller name the price of each product based on market value. The product recommendation tools help identify the top products in each category. The Next Day Dispatch (NDD) and Quality Dashboard can help increase the visibility of your listings. Meesho also has the Meesho Community where users can come together to communicate and share their ideas.

On the other hand, Shopsy also offers some very useful features such as Shopsy Business Manager which is like your personal customer care center where you can get insights on business insights and supports. This feature also has a paid version which gives exclusive pricing and selection insights, inbound call support, and prompt assistance. Shopsy also offers a free Seller Learning Centre where business owners can learn more about the market via articles, videos, and tutorials from expert sellers.

In Conclusion

It is difficult to state which e-commerce platform is better than the other as both Meesho and Shopsy are very similar marketplaces with the cheapest products and zero commission fee structure for sellers. However, the marketplaces deal with different target audiences and categories. Meesho focuses more on fashion and delivers products all over the country whereas, Shopsy focuses on local and handmade items at the cheapest rates. To choose the perfect platform for yourself you first need to identify your business structure and your target audience. Understand your and your business’s needs and choose what seems best for your growth.