With thousands of competitors nationwide, it is often difficult to get the visibility you deserve. E-commerce is a very easily accessible way to create massive profits from the comfort of one’s home, and Meesho has become one of the household names as it not only provides a comfortable platform for small business owners but also brings cheap products to their buyers.

Here are some easy tips and tricks that will help beginners to get great visibility on their shops on this platform.

1. Catalogs

Upon registering, the first thing a seller needs to do is create appropriate product catalogs. Read this article to know how to register on Meesho. It is very easy to upload catalogs with the help of Meesho’s Seller Panel. To get more and more visibility, upload as many catalogs as possible but remember not to list more than 3-4 products in each catalog as people may not look to the end of the catalog while having specific criteria in their mind and miss something that they may like. For beginners, around 10-15 catalogs are enough to get initial visibility and thereby get orders. Increase the number of catalogs as you get more and more orders.

The product description is your pitch for selling your items. It is an important part and sellers should not skip or copy-paste it from other listings because here you can write the details such as material, design, category, size, etc. of the product. This gives the buyers an idea of what type of product it is in real life and if they want these details or not. Also, do not forget to fill in the recommended fields of category, style, price, color, etc. so that it becomes easier for views to find you when they apply filters. While choosing a category, try to choose the most popular category relating to your product so that the product visibility increases in a broader search result.

2. Product Photos

Product photos are the face of the catalog, consumers cannot touch or feel the product in real life, so they become skeptical and wishes to know more about the item before purchasing. Apart from the proper and detailed product description, it is suggested to add multiple product photos for each product. Try different angles and show the details and materials of the product with each photo. Here are some photo suggestions.

  1. Place or edit the photo with Blend on a white background without any watermark or distractions to make the item look the best.
  2. The first image should be of the full product.
  3. Place an everyday item beside the product to compare the length and size.
  4. Get close-up shots to show the designs and material.

To achieve perfect product photos every time, you do not need an expensive photoshoot setup, read more about how to take catalog photos for Meesho in this article.

3. Product Prices

Meesho is known for the most affordably priced products therefore, setting the price of your brand’s products is very crucial in this app. People are always searching for the best quality products for the cheapest price possible. Apart from Meesho’s Price Recommendation Tool, you may also try searching for the product on the app and see how much other sellers are charging for it. Make the best deals for your customers without losing your profit.

4. Next-Day Dispatch

Meesho has this unique feature of allowing sellers to ship the product on the very next day of getting the order. Nobody wants to wait for days to get what they have ordered, especially when it is an emergency. Sign up for the NDD program on Meesho and your catalogs will be shown on top of search results. It can also result in a lower cancellation rate.

To achieve this NDD badge, aside from signing up, you will also need to keep your inventory updated all the time. You never know what the buyers will order next so with an updated inventory you can easily pack and dispatch the order within one day. Using the Smart Inventory Suggestion feature of Meesho you can easily keep up with the estimated restocking dates of each of your catalogs.

5. Meesho Advertisements

The easiest way to get visibility on any e-commerce platform is by running brand or product advertisements and Meesho is no exception. Create Meesho Ads on Supplier Panel by clicking ‘Create New Campaign’ on the Advertisement option. Brainstorm creative ideas to give a fitted and eye-catching name to the campaign and further add details on the daily budget and campaign duration. There is also an option for ‘No End Date’. Check the summary and submit it to go live.

Other than in Meesho, sellers can also create attractive product advertisements for ‘new launches’, ‘seasonal sales’, etc. for the brand’s social media promotions and link Meesho’s website on the posts.

6. Packaging

Meesho delivers packages from all over the country, hence the packaging needs to be very compact and durable to avoid any kind of damage. It is always recommended to add freebies such as stickers or a simple hand-written note to leave a good first impression on the buyers for coming back to buy more.

7. Shop Analytics

As we all know analytics is very important for running a business successfully, no matter big or small every business owner should pay careful attention to the shop analytics to improve and improvise on the basis of the results. You can track them on the Seller Panel Analytics and get an understanding of which catalog or product doing well and which is not getting the attention. This way you can come up with new ideas and boost your views and sales.

Keeping these simple yet effective tricks in mind anyone can grow their Meesho business to new levels. With a little bit of hard work, nothing can stop you from making great profits. Happy Selling!

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