Depop is a UK-based eCommerce platform with millions of users worldwide. This E-marketplace is not only a shopping website but also a social media platform where people of similar interests gather and trade vintage and branded items to create a community.

1. Hashtags

Hashtags are the most useful feature to reach out to a wider audience by narrowing down the exact items that people are looking for. For example, if a user is looking for a vintage skirt then listings with #vintange and #skirt will show up easily on their search result. It not only helps categorize the items but also increases traffic to your shop thereby boosting the rate of your sales. Read this article to learn more about popular Depop hashtags.

2. Product Photos

Product photos are the face of your product listing, hence this is the most important part to sell an object in the eCommerce industry. When we buy any item online, be it fashion items or electronics we are stuck with only limited access to photos and descriptions of the product, there is no way to feel and experience the product in real life before buying. So, HD product photos with proper angles and size comparisons help the customers to get a better idea about the texture and quality of the product. Depop allows up to 4 product photos for each listing. Although this e-commerce platform has some strict rules about product images, with Blend Photo Editor‘s advanced AI technology, anyone can create high-quality product images for their store.

5 Strategies To Sell Faster On Depop 2023 Guide | Product Image
Product Image edited with Blend.

Here is a guide on how you can take professional product images with zero investment.


As mentioned above, Depop started as a social media platform, and as a result, users can follow and like each other’s posts like any other social media. With high follower counts a seller can get more exposure to potential buyers. The more followers, the faster it sells. Read here how to increase followers on Depop.

5 Strategies To Sell Faster On Depop 2023 Guide | Depop Followers
More followers mean faster sales.

4. Promote

All of the aforementioned steps are important, but these are not enough to increase traffic in your shop. Promotion and marketing are very crucial for a business owner. Use other social media platforms to advertise your shop and products. Post product photos, new launches, product reviews, and behind the scene clips to keep your audiences engaged, which results in faster sales. Use Blend Photo Editor’s free customizable advertisement templates to create attractive posts for all different occasions.

5 Strategies To Sell Faster On Depop 2023 Guide | Promote
Product Advertisement created with Blend.

5. Reviews

With all the scammers out there, it is difficult to trust strangers online. Sharing your product reviews from customers is a good way to build trust for new buyers. When a person comes across a new online store they often face a dilemma on whether the products are authentic or not. In that case, product reviews for other buyers give a better idea if the item and the store are real or not. Ask your buyers to share their reviews and post them on different social media to let your viewers know that your products are worth the price.

Create Product Advertisements With Blend

Download Blend from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store and create product advertisements and compelling promotional posts for your brand. Take High-Quality product photos with good lighting and angles. Do not have a camera? Don’t worry, a smartphone camera is good enough to get HD images and edit them with 10,000+ customizable templates for every category to make them look like professionals.

5 Strategies To Sell Faster On Depop 2023 Guide | Edit Product Images With Blend
Edit Product Images With Blend.

Or, you can also use Blend’s ‘Magic Create’ to turn words into advertisements. Just upload your HD product image (optional) and type your prompt to get AI-generated advertisements within seconds.

5 Strategies To Sell Faster On Depop 2023 Guide | Blend's 'Magic Create'
Blend‘s ‘Magic Create’