In our previous article, we introduced the newly featured Meesho Community which has opened the door for beginner merchants to the world of e-commerce by sharing the journey of growth with each other.

1. Download the app

As Meesho does not have any website version for reselling, the first thing you need to do is download the application from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

2. Login

Once you get the app, open it to log in with your phone number and create your account. To access the Meesho community, it is not necessary to be a seller or to have a seller account, anyone can be a part of the community and connect with fellow users. Hence, if you are a buyer, directly visit the community and if you are a seller, then register as a Meesho seller with bank details and GSTIN in the ‘Become a Seller’ tab. To learn more about how to register as a Meesho seller visit the linked website.

3. Visit Meesho Community

As long as you are logged in with your account, you can access the Meesho Community by clicking the community tab between ‘My Orders’ and ‘Account’ at the bottom of the application.

4. Add Posts

Once you land n the community page, you can quickly start creating your posts by clicking the + sign at the bottom-middle of the page. Add your own thoughts with images and trending hashtags to get views. You can also engage with other users by creating fun polls and customized themes to attract more viewers to your account.

How To Create Community Posts

As a seller, the Meesho community can be used as a platform to advertise your products as well as connect with more and more potential buyers to increase sales. Not only can you promote your ‘New Launches’ or Seasonal Sales, but you can also post Behind-the-scenes videos and customer reviews.

Creating product advertisements is not as easy as uploading a product photo while listing on the Meesho Seller, it rather requires more creativity and effort if you want to increase your audience. To create attractive product advertisements, Blend Photo Editor is the best friend for merchants. Not only can you edit your product photos with it, but also Blend’s editable templates make it easier to produce banners in bulk.

  1. Download Blend from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store and log in with your email Id to get started.
  2. Upload your HD product photos to the app and its advanced AI technology will automatically create a pixel-perfect cutout every time. You can either download the cutout if necessary or click on it to edit more.
  3. Choose your favorite advertisement template from across a wide range of categories and place your cutout as you see fit.
  4. Edit details such as offers or deals and social media Ids on the template to get more followers. Don’t forget to add a brand logo too.
  5. Save and post on Meesho Community to boost profit.

Visit Blend Seller Academy to learn more about the tips and tricks to boost sales on E-commerce.