Around 1.8 million active sellers create numerous profitable sales every day and grow their businesses with Depop. Even though Depop started as a social media platform for showcasing different vintage fashion, it successfully turned itself into a great e-commerce platform with all the necessary features and tools for its users to experience a hassle-free transactions. With this e-commerce marketplace, sellers do not have to worry about getting scammed by fraudulent buyers and vice versa. Depop manages all transactions through Depop Balance and even helps the sellers to ship the product.

There are two ways to ship a Depop listing. It is either via Depop shipping or shipping the item manually. But as a seller, your work does not end even after handing over the sold item to the postal service. Consumers always want to track their items as a surety of their purchase.

It is recommended to use Depop shipping services for beginner merchants to get used to it and this feature also comes with the benefit of keeping track of the item automatically. In the case of Depop shipping, the item will be automatically marked on the receipt upon handing over the product to the courier service.

And in the case of manual shipping, you need to add the tracking number on the receipt to keep the updates on shipping. The steps are as follows,

Step 1

Upon listing an item, you might get numerous notifications from different buyers who would like to purchase your product. After haggling the price and clearing out your offers once you find the best offer, you need to confirm the purchase and change the listing status to ‘sold’ so that other buyers don’t get confused.

Step 2

As soon as you confirm the sale, you need to create your own receipt label with all the important details such as the name, phone number, and address of your buyer. For those who use Depop shipping, after confirming the sale you can download and print the label directly from Depop. And for those who use personal postal services, need to create either a handwritten label or type and print it out.

Step 3

Once you get everything ready, check the product twice for any dirt spots or torn. After confirming, pack it in a well and prepare the package by sealing it properly to avoid unnecessary damage. Lastly, stick the label on the front of the package where it is clearly visible for the postal service to read.

Step 4

Now, hand over the package to the delivery service. For Depop shipping, they can get either pick it up from your house or you can drop the item off at their service center. For personal shipping, you have to visit the postal service office and give it to the receptionist along with the details and shipping cost.

Step 5

After they confirm the transaction, you will receive the receipt from them. Do not throw away the receipt because you can find the tracking number of the product on it.

Step 6

Lastly, you can directly send the tracking number to your buyer or add it to the receipt on Depop which will show ‘Shipped’ on the status of the product for your buyer to keep track on.