Fashion has always been a hot topic throughout human history. From royal families to celebrities and ordinary folks nobody has been spared from the latest trends in fashion and accessories that not only enhance an individual’s beauty but also express their personality through it.

It is not possible to buy branded clothes that cost hundreds or thousands every day so e-commerce marketplaces such as Depop and Grailed have created a social space for like-minded people to gather and trend their used branded and vintage clothes and accessories at an affordable price. Let us understand how these two platforms work.


Depop is a social media turned e-commerce marketplace where mostly Gen Z users buy and sell used clothes and accessories such as handbags, sunglasses, shoes, etc. Most products that are listed on Depop are branded and vintage fashion items for both male and female buyers.

On the other hand, Grailed focuses on Male clothing that is from high-end and luxury brands. Even though Women’s fashion items can also be found on this platform, most products are worn male fashion items and accessories. Brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, etc. can be listed on Grailed.

Commission Fee

As a seller, you need to understand the detailed rules and regulations about payments and fees on the platform you are setting up your online store. Measure the profits and advantages of each marketplace before coming to a decision. None of these two reselling websites charges any listing fee whatsoever. That means anyone can list and promote their products completely free of cost.

However, once you make a sale Depop charges 10% of the selling price as a commission fee on each sale. This commission fee is automatically subtracted from your Depop Balance once the buyer pays you.

Grailed charges a 9% commission fee on each sale and in addition to the commission fee, Grailed also charges a payment processing fee for transactions made with Grailed Payments or PayPal which may vary based on the location of the buyer’s PayPal billing address.


Depop lets the sellers ship their products in two ways, one with Depop’s shipping service and another way is, by shipping the parcel themselves. In the case of shipping with Depop, the platform provides a shipping label and picks up the package from the seller’s address to deliver it to the customer, Depop calculates and charges the cost accordingly. If the seller opts for personal shipping, they can create and download the shipping label, and then use any third-party postal service to ship the item.

Grailed does not provide any shipping assistance to their sellers, The shipping cost is covered by the buyer and after purchase a seller can print out the shipping label issued by Grailed to add the tracking number for the buyer. Depending on the size of the package, Grailed labels use USPS and UPS services.


Depop uses Depop Payments i.e., Apple Pay, Google Pay, or through credit/debit cards to transfer the profit to your linked PayPal account. Once a customer finishes payment, Depop subtracts the commission fee and pays the seller within 10 business days. Visit Depop Balance to check transaction history and balance anytime you want.

Similarly, Grailed users can get access to Grailed Payments like Apple Pay and linked PayPal accounts. This platform charges a Processing Fee similar to PayPal Processing Fee and transfers the remaining profit to the seller within 3 business days of delivery of the item.


As Depop has been a social media platform, apart from simply buying and selling it lets users follow and like other seller’s listings which helps increase visibility and reach out to more potential customers. Hashtags are used to reach out to more potential customers. Also, Depop lets their users ‘Make Offer’ where buyers and sellers haggle the price of the items without going back and forth on the chat.

Each Grailed listing goes through Digital Authentication by machine and human moderation so that the website can be a safe and legal place to do business. Like Depop, Grailed also lets users follow each other to increase visibility and sales. If a listing does not get sold for 90 days, sellers can Delete and Re-list using relatable and unique tags to start afresh.

In Conclusion

It is always important to know about the website and its pros and cons before listing your products. Both platforms provide similar and different features that may pique your interest. See what suits you best and fulfills your needs first. Also, don’t forget to consider your target audience while making the decision. There is no clear winner in the battle of selling on Depop vs. Grailed, both have their wins and losses, so choose wisely.