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E-commerce Product Photos That Boost Sales | Beginner's Guide

E-commerce Product Photos That Boost Sales | Beginner’s Guide

Tue Dec 06 2022

75% of buyers say that product images were “very influential” when shopping online. See how to create ecommerce product photos that boost sales.
How To Achieve Gradient Background In Product Photography

How To Achieve Gradient Background In Product Photography

Tue Dec 06 2022

Product photography is the most crucial part of the e-commerce business. Learn how to add a gradient background in your images.
Learn to create professional product photographs.

Product Photography Tips For Fashion Brands – Beginner’s Guide

Tue Dec 06 2022

Follow these few easy-to-implement DIY fashion photography and editing tips to increase your sales as a fashion brand.
Instagram Product Photography - Beginners Guide 2022

Instagram Product Photography – Beginners Guide 2022

Fri Sep 09 2022

Edit your product photographs for your Instagram business in minutes with the help of the Blend App which provides beautiful templates.

How To Create Compelling Images for Facebook and Instagram Ads

Fri Sep 09 2022

Ads are known to have an immediate impact on the audience. Know how to create compelling Facebook and Instagram ads with striking images.

How to Take Catalogue Photos for Flipkart

Fri Sep 09 2022

The ultimate guide to creating an effective Flipkart catalogue with the ideal product title, description, images, features in 2022.
Taking catalog photo for selling on Meesho

How To Take Catalogue Photos For Meesho

Fri Sep 09 2022

When it comes to selling things online, a good lead photo is important. Blend app helps you create and edit catalogs with just one click.
Create a awesome product catalogues for Amazon.

How To Create A Good Product Catalog for Amazon

Tue Dec 06 2022

Everything you need to know in order to create a high-engagement product catalog on Amazon’s e-commerce marketplace.

Selling online? Here are the quick tips to use the right background

Tue Jul 26 2022

Don’t you feel great when an online order is made on your website or when a customer appreciates you? Blend helps you to remove and edit background with just on...
Steps to remove background.

Simple steps to remove background from the image

Wed Jul 06 2022

Removing backgrounds from images can now be an easy task when you have Blend app. Learn more about it in this blog.
Perfect background for your product.

Product Photography – How To Choose The Perfect Background For Your Products

Wed Dec 28 2022

Product photography is crucial in e-commerce, and the right background can help position your product clearly and attractively. Know how.
Tips fotografi Produk

Tips Fotografi Produk Fashion Brand – Panduan Pemula

Thu Jul 28 2022

Tips fotografi produk fashion brand untuk menarik perhatian konsumen