How to Remove Background by Blend
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Enterprise bg removal solutions at scale

Reduce editing time significantly for your designers. Improve the quality of your collateral and designs. Save costs and grow.
Enterprise bg removal solutions at scale

Remove Background Automatically

With's AI-powered background eraser, create high-quality product or catalog photos on any background in 5 seconds.
The cutouts are pixel-perfect and can be used directly anywhere - mobile apps, social media posts, marketplace listings, etc.
Remove background automatically

Save Costs In Photography And Design

Shoot your photo wherever you want. No need for a studio setup. No need for a green screen or chroma keying environment. AI does the work for you.
Save costs in photography and design

Change The Background Of All Your Photos At Once

Upload all your shoots at once and let do everything else.'s AI will automatically remove the backgrounds for all your photos while your team can do something more productive and fun.
All of this will be done in seconds - welcome to the age of lighting fast bulk photo edits.
Change background of all your photos at once Is The Only Background Eraser You Will Ever Need serves all your enterprise use cases of background removal.
  1. Remove the background from product photos.
  2. Remove bg from design assets.
  3. Delete bg from User and Employee generated content.
  4. Remove bg and let your users create amazing profile pics.
Delete bg is the only background eraser you will ever need
Choose from thousands of backgrounds for your products on  Delete BG by Blend.