In the online business making use of video content is arguably one of the best ways to market as a seller. Right from product showcasing to video reviews, the possibilities are just unlimited. The key here is to make every one of them count, as if you don’t happen to have a dedicated store most platforms have a limit to the graphic content you can add. Hence always make sure to put in tremendous effort in creating your videos and feel free to seek professional help if your budget allows it.

In the US, Youtube is undeniably one of the most visited websites in 2021, it also is the second biggest search engine, which clearly establishes the value of video content in today’s world. That’s simply because videos have an unique ability to attract and engage audiences. Youtube shorts and Youtube video 3 Types of Videos That Can Help Drive Sales on Social Media can also be used to sell your products or affiliate ones by simply linking them in the caption. As mentioned before, Youtube being the second largest search engine, you can double your sales in no time.

Making use of Instagram reels feature is another perfect way to easily engage surplus audiences, by posting them on your already created product page you can enhance your reach and drive more customers to your products pages. An Instapage post found that among all video content, those that generate the most sales are the ones that tell the story behind the product, those that feature a promo code or limited time deal, and those that showcase products.

Always make sure “Your Video Content is Search Engines Optimised”

It goes without saying, that the very first step of video marketing is to make sure that enough effort has been put into actually optimising the content that you create so that search engines do not miss them out. One can make use of long and short-tail keywords for this very purpose, this will help you rank higher when a prospective buyer searches for that very phrase and they appear on SERPs. As per Brightedge we know that Google shows a video thumbnail next to a search result, which it does for 26% of search results. The thumbnail makes the result a “rich snippet,” which tends to have higher click-through rates than standard ones. SEO is one of the most talked about factors in transforming an ongoing business into a successful one. Google being one of the mightiest search engines, has been known to keep in check what users prefer in real time. Recently it has been noticed that most search engines update their algorithms as per the latest trends and websites with video content have seen a jump in terms of search engine rankings. 

Make use of long and short-tail keywords to optimise your content in the most efficient way.

Three reasons videos help boost your search engine rankings

  • Increased visitor time and decreased bounce rates
  • Engaging a wider audience
  • Creating higher number of backlinks
These factors help to boost your search engine rankings.

Increased visitor time and decreased bounce rates

With the help of video content it is relatively easier to keep people on your website for longer periods of time, which increases the visitor time and helps in controlling the overall bounce rate of your website. This matters because both these factors are crucial when it comes to determining your website ranking. This not only helps in better search engine rankings but also in establishing your brand value.

Engaging a wider audience

At times certain websites are known to miss out on the global audiences just because they don’t have visual content. However this can be minimised to a level by making use of videos that tend to self explain the information and is independent of barriers such as language. This increases the reach your product has by enabling you to target a bigger audience overall. Do remember people tend to use different search engines globally, so don’t just depend on one.

In order to engage a wider audience use specific video formats for different platforms.

Creating higher number of backlinks

  • Ask yourself and you will know, how many times have you shared a video that you liked? May it be with a friend, on a social media account and even backlinked it to a blog/forums as opposed to a thousand word blog post that you happen to come by. This helps in rapid backlink generation and thereby boosting your overall search engine rankings.