You should be familiar with Product Photography

Product Photography is a great art to grow your e-commerce business on Instagram. Your work should speak out is what makes an e-commerce business better than the others. You can read about Product Photography here. You can make your e-commerce business page unique by using the Bend app where you can edit/remove the background of a photo for free. Edit photos like a pro by selecting free hundreds of templates for your product. Try using different templates until you get the perfect match for you.

Your product should look appealing to the customer to grab their attention
Attract buyers with quality pictures of products.

Use templates for specific occasions/season

The beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. People have different opinions on what looks beautiful. Try out posting the product picture with the balance of templates. Use Blend templates for different products and different occasions like the X-mas or Valentine. It will create a good impact on the people who are visiting your Instagram page. There will be more chances of a higher sale.

Tips to sell a product is that it should look aesthetic and eye catching.
Photos should look aesthetic.

Create quality focussed content

Instagram is quite famous for reels. Follow up on the trend and create the type of content which suits best for your e-commerce business. Some of them are:-

  • Drop the product photos with the trending songs in the form of a reel.
  • You can reach out to more number of audience for ongoing sales on your page through reels.
  • Try to be consistent in posting all varieties of content like posts, stories, and reels.
The engagement on your account comes by creating a content which is useful for them.
Create quality content.

Create your branding

Using hashtags for your page or brand is another way to get in touch with your business. Here users can simply engage in the conversation going on around the hashtag. The hashtag makes your brand more discoverable. So, It automatically gives more traffic and engagement. But it works only in the case when you have quality content for the audience for liking.

To make your learning more simple read how to use the Blend app blog in which you can create the posts for your products like a professional. Download and try it.

Use the Blend app to create quality content  in order to boost your product sales.
Create quality content with Blend app.

Create opportunities for the customers

Try implementing different ideas to make higher sales. Apply free shipping for the special days, organize giveaways, give freebies on clearance sales, etc. You can read more about these ideas here.

Since hiring a professional photographer is very expensive especially when you want to start your e-commerce business from the scratch. So we are here with the Blend app. Some of its features are :

  • Remove background for free within a few seconds.
  • Customize the template with several tools.
  • Multiple choices for the template.
  • Download the selected template for free without any watermark.

You can go to the Google Play Store for Android and iOS Store for iPhones to get started.

Use these tips to become a pro seller.
Use these tips to become a pro seller.

If you are a beginner and want to start your own thrift store/ e-commerce business on Instagram, go through this ‘six tips to start a thrift store ‘ blog. All the basic and essential details have been covered in this blog.