TikTok is the most viral short video content application in the world with over 1 billion downloads. It is not only an app for viral video content, but it is also heavily used to promote products for both big and small eCommerce and traditional business owners.

With about 60% of Gen Z audiences, Tiktok has gotten the upper hand as a search engine, leaving behind traditional companies like Google and Microsoft. Hence, the popular social media company decided to enter the market of search engines by launching Search Ads in the application. Even though the official news has not been confirmed, TikTok is known to be testing the feature with their beta users now.

Importance of TikTok Search Ads

TikTok is the most used application anomg GenZs as well as Millenials. The growing interest of young generations in video content over reading long articles is the key marketing target for TikTok and it is rightfully taking advantage of it by entering the competing ground of search engines officially.

With the new feature, users can easily find sponsored and appropriate content on the result page of any particular search word. This opened a great opportunity for Google Ads specialists as they can take dominance and make great growth with their business.

For Business owners, Search Ads can be a strong segmentation to directly reach potential customers, while for consumers relevant ads and things of interest can reach them directly.

How will TikTok Search Ads work?

The new feature works the same as Google SEO content. Users will be allowed to use SEO through keywords and key phrases. Just add appropriate Key categories and phrases to the info page of the video and you are good to go. Some supplementary new features and tools might be added as well.

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