Like any other industry, photography has also seen a lot of innovations and trends that mesmerize viewers with its creativity every day. With the rigid competition of creativity and brand-new ideas, new trends are flowing every year from all over the world. One of the recent yet most popular forms of photography is Smoke Bomb Photography.

What Is Smoke Bomb Photography

Smoke bomb photography was first introduced in 2019. This a prop-based photography where the models play with the smoke bomb as a prop and the bright colored smoke help pop the image in a fantasy-like look. This kind of photography is mainly used as Portfolio for photographers and models. But creativity is limitless, so it can also be used as a product photography technique if used properly.

Smoke Bomb Photography Ideas

Smoke bombs can be used in various ways to make your images look aesthetic or colorful depending on how you want to control them. Here are some simple yet useful ideas for smoke bomb photography.

Smoky Background

The cloud effect from the smoke bomb can be used as a background for your image. Just place one or two smoke bombs in the back and take picture of the object and the model as usual.

Smoke Bomb Photography Ideas 2023 | Smoky Background
Smoky Background

Smoking Object

Place the bomb inside or beside the focused object or the prop to make it look like the smoke is coming from the object itself.

Smoke Bomb Photography Ideas 2023 | Smoking Object
Smoking Object

Cover Half of the Model’s Face with Smoke

If you want portfolio pictures then closeup shots can be a good option. Let your model hold the smoke bomb in such a way that the smoke covers half of their face and the other half should be visible. It could be dangerous as smoke might get into their eyes or they might accidentally inhale some smoke so make sure you have proper arrangements and the model is aware of the details.

Smoke Bomb Photography Ideas 2023 | Cover Half of the Model's Face with Smoke
Cover Half of the Model’s Face with Smoke

Color Combinations

To show a joyful event, use two or more bright colors such as yellow, pink, orange, or blue. Colors set the mood and theme of the shoot so try different color smoke bombs before going for the final shoot. In case of monochromatic looks, black background is ideal. Deep in the forest or at night time colors like red, purple, and blue pop beautifully.

Smoke Bomb Photography Ideas 2023 | Color Combinations
Color Combinations

Different Forms of Smokes

The smoke in the smoke bombs can be manipulated with the help of a little breeze. The different effects of the smoke can bring out different stories through your image. A cloud of heavy smoke can be related to a futuristic and fantasy-like impression whereas a thin trail of smoke on a lighter background could be mysterious. Play with different shutter speeds of the camera and movements of the smoke bomb to experiment with different smoke effects.

Smoke Bomb Photography Ideas 2023 | Different Forms of Smokes
Different Forms of Smokes

Match Colors with Outfit

For a monochromatic illusion-effect match the color of the smoke bomb with the color of the model’s outfit. It not only makes the colors pop, but it also creates a mysterious apparition semblance in the image.

Smoke Bomb Photography Ideas 2023 | Match Colors with Outfit
Match Colors with Outfit

Precautions For Smoke Bomb Photography

Even though smoke bombs make an excellent and trendy prop for photography, it could be threatening if not handled with caution. Make sure that everyone working with smoke bombs is well aware of the do’s and don’ts of it.

  1. Check the weather beforehand in case of outdoor shooting. Heavy rain or storm may affect the result.
  2. Do not face the smoke bombs toward the model’s face or clothes.
  3. Keep extra smoke bombs in case of malfunctions.
  4. Try to use wired smoke grenades instead of fire ones.
  5. Bring a metal bucket and water to dispose of the bombs after use.
  6. Do not shoot in a dry area or near flammable objects where it is prone to catch fire.
  7. Take precautionary measures in case a fire breakout.

Smoke Bomb Photography is not as simple as it may sound, even though it looks beautiful. Without proper experience, planning, and precautions it could turn into a disaster. But the result is all worth the effort.

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