With over 80 million users, Poshmark is a top marketplace where you can buy and sell electronics, fashion apparel, accessories, and more. Facebook Marketplace is based on a similar concept – it connects people on Facebook who are interested in buying or selling items. With 2.9 billion monthly active users on Facebook, it offers great reach to sellers. So, if you own an online store it actually makes perfect sense to leverage Facebook Marketplace too. And when you’re already a Poshmark seller, the most logical way would be to cross-post your Poshmark listings to Facebook Marketplace. 

How to post a Poshmark listing to Facebook Marketplace

There’s no out-of-the-box feature available in Poshmark that will allow you to do so. But, there are several third-party tools that you can use to do so.

These tools help you import the items of your Poshmark closet to FB and the other way around. As a result, you don’t have to keep copy-pasting the details of each item individually on either platform. 

The cross-listing service-providing apps or portals remove duplicate items from the list automatically. So, you do not have to worry about data redundancy. Let’s see how to use some of the top tools available.

1. ResellKit

ResellKit is an app that allows you to cross-list Poshmark products on the FB marketplace, eBay, Depop, and other platforms. The best thing about this platform is that it allows you to cross-list 50 items per month at no charge!.

You can also purchase additional listings if you need them. Though not as feature-rich as some paid cross-listing apps, it is one of the best apps that is ideal for a casual seller. The autopilot feature of this app allows you to remove duplicate items automatically. 

However, you will have to keep the ResellKit application open on your computer to avail this feature. The manual delisting feature is also provided by this app.


  • Up to 50 items can be posted free of cost.
  • Paid users can post one item on multiple marketplaces with only one credit.
  • There is automatic delisting of duplicate items.


  • You need to keep the application open to access the automatic delisting feature.


The pricing of ResellKit is given in the below table:

Plan NamePricing
200 Credits $15.40
750 Credits $31.90
2500 Credits $75.90
ResellKit Pricing List

Note: You need one credit to list one item in multiple marketplaces.

2. Vendoo

Vendoo is another cross-listing platform. It enables you to list your Poshmark items on Facebook Marketplace. However, there are only 5 free listings per month available to you. You can upgrade to the paid package to publish more items. The premium version supports delisting and relisting features. 

For example, if you have sold an item on Poshmark, the delisting feature will automatically remove it from FB Marketplace. Also, if you add new products on Poshmark, the relist feature will automatically update it in the Facebook Marketplace. You even don’t have to keep the application open, unlike the ResellKit app.


  • Free cross-listing tool
  • Automatic delisting and relisting services  
  • Easy to connect FB Marketplace and Poshmark


  • Only 5 items can be listed.
  • Minimal features 


The table contains the premium plans of Vendoo:

Plan NameNumber of items that can be posted in the marketplacePrice
Simple 125$19.99
Pro Plan600$49.99
Advanced Plan2,000$99.99
Expert Plan4,000$149.99
Vendoo Pricing List

3. Export Your Store

Export Your Store can be used to integrate Poshmark listings to Facebook with a single click. It provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to sync and handle your inventory across multiple platforms with ease.

With this app, you can either import all your listings or selected items. You can create customized pricing terms and convert different currencies, making it one of the best apps to post Poshmark listings in the FB marketplace.


  • Automatic sync between Poshmark and Facebook marketplace
  • Smart automation to customize product data for Facebook via Poshmark
  • Option to add the entire listings or a few selected products


  • The free trial period provides access to limited features.
  • It is not compatible with all eCommerce platforms.


Export Your Store comes with only one pricing plan. It is an annual plan charged at $23 per month.

4. Crosslist

Crosslist is a perfect tool that allows you to sync and import product listings of multiple eCommerce. It allows synchronization between Poshmark to Facebook as well.

It also enables you to import product listings from eBay, Depop, Vinted, Grailed, and other eCommerce platforms to Facebook and vice versa. If you want to leverage the advantage of multi-channel selling, Crosslist is an ideal tool for you.


  • You can import listings from multiple eCommerce portals to the FB marketplace.
  • It saves your time and makes importing Poshmark listings to FB easy.
  • The option of storing multiple images for every listed item makes it a winner.


  • No free trial option is provided.


The pricing plans offered by Crosslist are listed here:

Plan NameMonthly Plan Price (in USD)Yearly Plan Price (in USD)
Crosslist Pricing List

5. PrimeLister

PrimeLister is a multi-market cross-listing tool. You can switch between many marketplaces seamlessly. It allows synchronization between marketplaces like Poshmark, Facebook, Mercari, Depop, Etsy, Tradesy, Instagram, and more.

PrimeLister also has a Poshmark automation feature to optimize your reselling targets. It comes with features like de-listing, re-listing, and cross-listing. They don’t require any manual intervention. However, some advanced features like inventory management, auto-delisting, etc. are only included in the pro version of its paid plans. You can avail of the free trial period of 14 days to ensure that you get all that you need.


  • Organizing inventory becomes easy with PrimeLister.
  • Cross-listing Poshmark items to the Facebook marketplace with a single click.
  • Scheduling posts to a later time is also possible.


  • To access all the features, switch to the Pro plan.
  • Using automation can be difficult for some marketplaces.


The subscription plans offered by PrimeLister are given below:

PlansMonthly Plan Price (in USD)Yearly Plan Price (in USD)
PrimeLister Pricing List

Why product images are a critical part of the process

Product photos are essential for e-commerce. Whether it’s Poshmark or Facebook marketplace, you need to include high-quality product images along with the product description and other details. 

In the Poshmark listing, there are two main types of photos. The cover photo is the first photo that the buyers will see. As it is the photo that creates the first impression, it must be the most attractive one. The other product images that talk about the features or showcase the product from different angles are referred to as detail photos. You can add up to 8 Detail photos for every Poshmark product. These are the things that you must think of when you use product images for Poshmark listing:

  • The product images must be captured in proper lighting. Don’t capture photos in the dark. Avoid shadows, blurred photos, and distorted images. If the surroundings are not properly lit, make use of artificial lights. 
  • Use simple tools like the cropping tool or the brightness enhancer to make the product images more presentable to the audience. 
  • Use professional photography tools like a tripod and DSLR to capture product images with high quality and clarity. 
  • Product images look the best when they are captured with white background. If you don’t have product images with a white background, you can use the photo editor app, Blend to add a white background. 

Blend is a photo editor tool for e-commerce sellers that allows you to create professional product images. Options to delete and change the background make it a handy tool for Poshmark sellers. Also, thousands of readymade templates are available for making e-commerce product images more eye-catchy and impactful. 

That’s about all that you need to know in order to cross-post your Poshmark listings on Facebook Marketplace and make more sales by leveraging both platforms.