Importance of Background Removal and Blends in Product Photography for E-Commerce

Choosing the right background for your photos can be a make or break for them, as you can read here. While we have delved into Product Photography as a whole in greater detail in our other Seller Academy posts, we will focus on background removal and editing here.

Setting the Right Context

Background removal is very important in product photography, especially when you want to give a professional touch to your images. When you remove the background from your images, it is set up against a transparent background. This can be edited with patterns, colors, and props to add a flavor of context, vibe, and uniqueness to them, as needed.

Capture Consumer Attention

If your product is simply too visually stunning to dilute with anything else, you would want to completely remove the background and replace it with a solid white color.

This not only helps shine the spotlight on your product but also helps you use the product images across multiple campaigns on social media using different text and copy. The white color adds a neutral and universal tone to your product images which can attract the viewer to its features rather than its intended use. 

Solid background for better product images
A solid background for better product images

Visual Consistency

There are other important reasons as well,  like consistency and smaller file size. If you are developing product photographs for digital solutions, for example, to be displayed on your website, app, etc., having all the products clicked against a solid background provides consistency and increases attractiveness for someone to consider purchasing it. 

Visual Consistency can go a long way in enhancing the appeal
Visual Consistency can go a long way in enhancing the appeal

E-commerce Mandates

Product photography finds most of its application in e-commerce. And product photographs on e-commerce websites are generally mandated to be uploaded against a white/solid color background to avoid confusion and any kind of assumptions regarding the looks, features, and specifications. So, removing and blending the image background is a key concept you need to familiarize yourself with, to get the best listings out there.

Plain white background images are best for zero ambiguity in features
Plain white background images are best for zero ambiguity in features

While there are many more reasons as mentioned here, we are sure you get the gist!

The very first step to editing a photo and adapting it to the story one wants to convey, is removing the background. With millions of people taking it upon themselves, it’s no wonder that searches like ‘remove bg’, ‘remove background online’, and ‘online background photo editor’ have been trending across Google for quite some time now.

And while the options are good and many, here we aim to look at the 5 very best online tools to remove background from your images, and at minimal cost to time, effort, and money.

The 5 Best Online Background Removal Editors

One of the fastest-growing Seller Enablement Platforms of 2021, Blend: Remove Background, Photo Editor & Design is an editor packed with features, that will help you not only remove your image background online seamlessly, but also help you choose from hundreds of the best options available, all through the power of Artificial Intelligence, or AI.

Boasting over 200k+ users from across the globe, Blend is an app you definitely should try out. is one of the biggest online background photo remover editors out there, and for the right reasons. They have been around for quite some time now, and their web app is easy to use. Although a bit costly, it’s really good for developers due to functional APIs, especially for bulk or high-volume background removal.


Slazzer is a tool very similar in size, use case, and pricing to, and boasts of a significant user base. Again great for developers, they also have desktop apps for Windows/ Mac/ Linux.


Canva is the original tool that brought about the DIY Design disruption worldwide, and like the hundreds of features available on the platform, Background Removal from images is one of them. However, it is a Canva app that takes care of the removal and it actually is lower in terms of performance than the other three mentioned above.

Similar to Slazzer, is a drag-and-drop tool for image background removal, and it also has some developer options via API, as well as bulk editing. It’s also priced more competitively than the other two similar options.

Our Recommendation

While all five editors mentioned are great picks to edit and remove your image background online, we have to go with an in-house choice – that of The reasons being –

Ease of the Mobile App

By taking an app-first approach, Blend has made the lives easier of many content creators, e-commerce sellers, and resellers. In a world where we do most things through our phones, being able to produce professional product imagery with just a single click makes Life a lot easier. 

Cutting-edge Technology 

With AI powering its core edits, Blend is just as strong technically as its older counterparts and quite ahead of Canva and others.

Ease of Social Sharing 

With just a couple of clicks, images are also shareable across social media, thereby not even needing to leave the app to promote and get instant traffic going.

Focus on E-commerce 

Made with e-commerce in mind, Blend is perfect for product photos and listings on sites like Shopify, Etsy, Shopee, Depop, Woocommerce, and Poshmark.

Strong Community & Great Reviews

With over 200k+ users globally, Blend has great reviews thus far, and the product is ever-evolving, while the community is ever increasing.

Download Blend – Start Removing and Editing the Background of Your Product Images today

While the website is here, you can directly go to the Google Play Store for Android and iOS Store for iPhones to get started with background removal and creating professional quality images today!

We are also building our Seller Academy with resources to help sellers up their game on e-commerce platforms — with 200k+ users and counting, and a Web App coming soon, Blend is changing the outlook to e-commerce listing.