Even though Whatsapp is known as one of the leading social media platforms worldwide, its user-friendly features make it easier to share and connect with people. Sharing media such as documents and links through Whatsapp is the easiest, therefore many business owners use this social media platform as a promotional weapon and Meesho sellers are no exception. Be it a small business or a big professional one, WhatsApp can help reach out to more potential customers, increasing sales.

There are two easy ways to share and expand your Meesho business through WhatsApp,

Share Via Link

This is the easiest way to share your Meesho listings with your contacts. Just like sharing any other media, all you have to do is select the catalog and click “WhatsApp Share” to send the selected products to your contacts and group in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp allows you to share only 10 images at a time, to share more click on back and share the remaining catalog. Once the images are shared, copy the product description to share. Product prices are not mentioned while sharing, hence send them individually when asked by the viewers.

WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Business application is created as an e-commerce platform for small business owners. Even though it may also support big businesses, it is often linked with their website and directly contacts their customers when they purchase from the website. Meesho sellers can use this method to attract audiences to their Meesho listings. Although Meesho itself has a WhatsApp Business account and uses it to update customers on their order delivery, individual businesses can also use this application for brand promotional purposes.

1. 24/7 customer service

Download WhatsApp Business API and sign in with your business email ID, link your brand Facebook and Instagram page if applicable, and also link your Meesho account as your website to get started. WhatsApp Business business provides business-friendly features like customized greeting messages, away messages, and automatic replies to the most common FAQs of customers which can be used to build a friendly relationship between the buyer and seller.

2. Product Update and Reviews

With the help of this application, sellers can keep the buyer updated on their orders like packaging and dispatch. Also, copy the product link from Meesho and ask the buyers to write reviews on the item that they have bought.

3. Product Advertisements

WhatsApp is the most watched platform for product advertisements. People don’t look through their SMSs and Emails every day but what they do use is Whatsapp. Taking advantage of this fact, business owners forward their sales or new launch advertisements through Whatsapp to get more traffic on the linked website.

Copy the Meesho catalogs and create catalogs on WhatsApp. Forward the catalogs of similar items that the customers have already bought to their contacts. Repeat it once a month to remind your buyers of your brand.

4. Direct Order

In the case of small business businesses, orders can directly be taken from the WhatsApp account. Once you get the contact of your buyers from Meesho you can send them product advertisements and if they wish they can order directly from WhatsApp. In this case, the seller can directly sell the items to the buyer without Meesho’s involvement, however, the delivery and labels provided by Meesho will be invalid and the seller will have to personally ship the item.

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