E-commerce platforms such as Meesho and Amazon have been a great source of growing business for both beginner and professional business owners. With the current era of technology, reaching out to more people and increasing traffic for an e-commerce store is even easier with varieties of platforms that provide tools and exposure for brands.

Even with a user-friendly interface and support system, both Meesho and Amazon have their own sets of terms and conditions that are incorporated for sellers to increase security and create an authentic experience for the customers.

Listing Meesho Products On Amazon

Amazon is a very well-known and strict e-commerce company that does not allow any illegal selling or counterfeit products on its website. Even though a lot of businesses use various methods to list the same products on different e-commerce platforms, it is highly recommended not to sell Meesho products on Amazon. If you still want to do it then the simplest way is to copy the product details from Meesho and create new listings on Amazon Seller. Upload the product photos and post them to go live.

You may also opt for the dropshipping method but remember to have your documents and invoices ready because Amazon often conducts audits on listings to keep the platform clean and safe.


A lot of store owners claim to be able to sell Meesho products on Amazon as well, but this profit may only be temporary because of Amazon’s strict rules and regulations regarding counterfeit product selling. One wrong move and negative reviews on your Amazon shop may result in Amazon suspending your account. Prepare proper documentation on brand authorizations and invoices beforehand so that you can hand them over immediately if the company checks up on your profile and demands it. Treat selling on Meesho and Amazon as separate businesses rather than copy-pasting each other’s listings to save yourself from all the troubles. In other words, do not sell Meesho products on Amazon, instead, create separate listings with different product photos and product details.

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