Uploading HD product photos and writing detailed descriptions are not enough to get the traffic to increase your sales on Meesho. Among almost a million sellers on this e-commerce platform, it is very important to reach out to as many potential customers as possible to make a notable profit. Back in 2015, Meesho was formed especially to make e-commerce easier by marketing through various social media platforms and as a result, it has gained notable recognition by small business owners all over the country.

Here are some ways you can use as a merchant to market your products without wasting a lot of money on third-party promotions.

1. Advertise through Meesho Ads

Meesho has come up with a very productive way to promote listings without leaving the app. ‘Meesho Ads’ lets the sellers boost their catalog visibility by creating sponsored advertisements.

Once you sign up for the ‘Meesho Ads’, your advertised products will automatically be shown at the top slots of the search results as well as the home page and they will have a good view of the listings. And the best part is that Meesho does not charge any fee unless you get any clicks from your advertisements. As a seller, you can also control, create, track, and manage the campaigns from the seller panel itself.

2. NDD on Meesho

The Next Day Dispatch program of Meesho is a very well-known and efficient way of increasing the order rate as it lets the sellers ship the items on the very next day of the order. With the fast lifestyle, this feature can easily attract customers who do not have the patience to wait for days to receive their deliveries.

Signing up for this feature not only increases the sales rate but also reduces order cancellations as the time period for shipping is just a matter of hours. Anyone can sign up for this program while uploading the listing but make sure to always keep your inventory checked to avoid delay and maintain the scheme with the help of the Inventory Suggestion of Meesho.

3. Share on WhatsApp Business Account

As mentioned earlier, Meesho was created exclusively to resell products through social media from the comfort of one’s home. WhatsApp Business is the most productive platform to communicate with your customers so do not forget to share the listings on WhatsApp Business so that your potential buyers can know every time you upload a new listing. You can also use this platform as a promotional strategy and forward newsletters and advertisements vis this app.

4. Share on Social Media Accounts

Not only WhatsApp Business, but other social media such as Instagram and Facebook are also very effective when it comes to e-commerce. Therefore, use them to the fullest by sharing updates, new launches, advertisements, and other business-related content of your brand to engage with your patrons.

Having a good position in the world of e-commerce is not as easy as it sounds with the increasing competition day by day. Even though Meesho is a well-known and easy-to-use platform, as a seller you will still need unique strategies to attract more customers and increase your brand’s sales rate.