Why Valentine’s Day?

Chocolates, balloons, and hearts all around, that can only mean one thing, it’s that time of the year again where love is in the air and couples buy each other fancy gifts.

Valentine’s Day is also the time of year that sees online businesses flourishing as many of them put up Valentine’s Day sales to attract customers. 

According to a recent survey by the National Retail Federation, Americans will be spending an estimated $23.9 billion this coming Valentine’s Day. 

The survey’s statistics also project that 38%, which is the majority of the population, prefers to shop online compared to any other businesses.

Last year, Valentine’s Day sales generated approximately $5.4 billion in e-commerce sales. Companies such as Amazon, Etsy, and eBay tend to see a massive jump in their sales.

What Do Users Search for the Most during Valentine’s Week?

When it comes to searching for gifts, most consumers seem to search for a lot of traditional gifts with 56% searching for Candy, 40% greeting cards, and 37% flowers, making them the most popular gift choices this Valentine’s Day. 

A lot of pre-pandemic gifts are also making a comeback, with nearly 31% of netizens planning to gift an “evening out” to their loved ones, this year. 22% prefer the tried and tested idea of gifting jewelry to their special someone. Interestingly enough, the gift that has historically been bought the most according to this article, has been jewelry.

But besides gifts, a lot of people come to the internet for heart-warming videos and romantic photos to share with each other. If you run an e-commerce platform, this can be to your advantage as having the right kind of graphic or video can mean that your company could go viral in an instant.

Choosing the Right Platform

When it comes to promoting your products nothing can beat Pinterest & Instagram, these are two of the most popular platforms to post on Valentine’s week. These are 3 important reasons for the same 

1. Better reach and visibility

2. The right audience, with Purchase Intent

3. Good conversion rates and possible virality

It’s 2022, and most people like watching video content – it is very easy to make reels and short videos of your products, the reason behind why 25% of people are influenced to click on a product or site link.

Catchy Graphics = More Virality

In this crowded field of e-commerce brands, it’s important to have visually stunning graphics that can really help you stand out, especially on Valentine’s Day. In order to make distinctive social media creatives that help your brand stand out, using online photo editing tools like the Blend App could be the best option. 

your brand voice should be unique
Your brand voice should be unique

The Blend app has a wide array of over 500 templates that you can choose from. It’s always important to choose the right look for your brand and individual products, that exude their character. If visuals are memorable, customers are more likely to keep it in mind. 

The app can immediately resize your photos without the unnecessary hassle of having to crop them separately yourself. This also helps while posting on different marketplaces like Etsy, Shopee, Depop or Poshmark, as each website has its own set photo size that has to be kept in mind while uploading.

Instead of having to travel to different locations and tediously find new spots to shoot, you can click pictures and remove the background from photos and place them in a setting to your liking. A picture is worth a thousand words and having good backdrops and props can help you tell a story about your product without long descriptions. 

The Blend blog also provides you with a variety of interesting tips, from how to take great photographs without being a professional to the importance of having the right background for your product.

When you create a good graphic, audiences begin sharing it with each other and that’s the best form of advertising for your product.

Download the Blend App and elevate your Product Photos in a few clicks

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