Blend apps helps e-commerce sellers remove bg from product photos and create high quality catalog photos and social media posts. Edit product photos like a pro with the Blend app. Automatically remove backgrounds, add text on photo, stickers and backgrounds.

Learn how to use the Blend app like a pro in to edit photos in these How-to videos

Add Text Backgrounds

How to add a text Background

Text backgrounds help to pop out text on photo. Blend app has the easiest background addition on text.

Change background color of photo

Change background color of photos in Blend

When it comes to edit your product photos, Blend is free background changer app. With high definition background removal, also change background with colors, stock images and any other background of your choice.

Add business stickers to your design

Add marketplace logos and other stcikers

Add business stickers of sales, promo, discounts in one tap. Create listings that grow sales on Shopify, Poshmark, Depop, Etsy and Ebay.

Change background easily inside templates

How to change the template background.

Customize Blend’s templates with background color that matches your product. Create awesome product listings and social media posts.

Change Text Color with ease

How to change the font of the text in Blend.

Need text on photo? Customize it with Blend easily. Your text will look beautiful and match the design theme with Blend font style feature. You just need to select the ‘Choose Font Style’ option for your photo and you’re done.

Add cool Gifs to your design

Add GIFs to your designs

Create fun content for yourself or for selling a product, To add a GIF choose the ‘Add GIF’ option in the Blend, you can adjust it and then select an image from your device.

50,000+ background images in Blend

Add background image from 50,000+ options

Blend background eraser helps you stage your product on thousands of free backgrounds. So many choices of backgrounds ensure that you always find the right one for your product.

Animated stickers to grow your sales

How to add animated stickers in Blend

Add sales, trends and discounts animated stickers in one tap on Blend app. Create short selling videos in seconds. To add the sticker choose the sticker option and search for the appropriate sticker. Place it in the best position and save the image

Add text on photo in Blend app

5 easy steps to add text in Blend

Highlight the most loved features of your product with text in 100+ styles.. Click the ‘Add’ button then choose the text option. Type your text and style it up according to your choice. You are done, save your photo.

Pick a matching text color

How to change the colour of the text

Add text color matching your design guidelines. Text on photo can’t get any better. Choose the text color then the mouse pointer turns into an eyedropper tool while moving it. As you move your pointer around onscreen, a live preview of the color you’re pointing at appears. Hover or pause on a color that you want.

Remove background automatically

How to remove the background of an image

Amazon requires your photo to be on white background. Different marketplaces have different guidelines for product photos. With Blend app, create these marketplace complaint photos in seconds. Click on create a design. Select an image and the app removes the background automatically. Then you can choose any template of your choice and save it after.

Add shadow overlay elements to your designs

How to use the shadow overlay feature.

Shadow overlay is one of the most popular photography and design trend. If you want to create an unusual dramatic photo, use the shadow overlay feature. To apply this effect go to the elements, choose the shadow option, select a particular shadow design. Your photo is ready.