The use of social media is growing day by day for various purposes. One such trend which is gaining  popularity among people and helping businesses grow faster is – Reels. These are fast and fun ways  to share content with your audience. Reels have a huge impact on the audience and they get  influenced very easily. Online marketers have highly shifted to creating these short-form video  content with good background. Reels have the power to organically increase engagement and reach out to a much wider  audience making it one of the most valuable content creator platforms.

However, making reels is not an easy task. It requires a lot of planning, shooting, and editing.  As we know, creating engaging Reels with a rewarding payoff is much more likely to result in success so, one should give reels a proper. The background chosen should  be such that the content is visible and the main attraction of the reel is highlighted. 

Determining the background for your video can have a huge impact on how your story is told. Wisely  planning and deciding on what type of background you require can help save you a lot of time.

The right background helps you tell your story better.

Choosing the right background for Instagram reels : 

 To make the background of the reels, there is a special filter called Green screen. This filter allows  users to use multiple options in their videos. This filter can be a game-changer and you can also add  backgrounds that are not easily available. It allows users to choose a background directly from their  smartphone’s media. 

You can follow these steps

Step 1 – Go to the Instagram app’s home page 

Step 2 – Like always you have two options, either click on your Instagram story option and scroll right  and tap on browse effects, or you can simply choose reels and effects on the left side. The second  option is to swipe right in the middle of your home screen where you will land on the same page as  mentioned in step 1 

Step 3 – Find the search icon and write ‘Green screen’ multiple options will surface on your screen  but, we want the one which is Instagram official, so choose the very first option

 Step 4 – You can bookmark it for further use. 

Step 5 – Get started with the fun, all you need to do is to return to the story page and  activate the green screen effect by tapping on the circle. Tap “effects,” then the green screen icon if  you’re using reels. You’ll see yourself with a green screen in the background if you use the front facing camera. 

Step 6 – Now tap onto the ‘add media’ option to change your background the way you want it. Slide  yourself around the screen to adjust where you appear in a photo or video. 

 Step7 – To record, click the “clapperboard” icon on the button. There’s no need to hold the button  down; the recording will take care of itself. 

Step 8 – When done simply move to the next option where you can add more edits like filters,  stickers, pictures, etc.

Use the green screen effect to create amazing Instagram reels.

Choosing the right background for Tiktok : 

 Tiktok is again one such platform that has given the content creators a new world for them to be  creative. It also uses some kind of Green screen filter to change and add backgrounds.

You can follow these steps

Step 1 – Open your account 

Step 2 – Select the rear or front camera when directed to the video recording window.  Choose effects at the bottom-right of the screen. From the available options, look for the green  screen option and select it. 

Step 3 – Select the image from your phone’s media that you wish to use as a background 

Tiktok provides the green screen effect to create inspiring content.

There are various apps available from where you can create backdrops too and then save them in  your gallery for further use. One such app is The Blend. It is an easy-to-use app where you just need  to upload your picture and the app does the rest of the work. It helps in removing the background,  has over 500+ templates for photos, helps resize photos easily, and has 100+ backdrops available  which you can use to create a perfect visual.