Fashion Photography is a vast concept with different subgenres. Fashion photography is not only a part of the E-commerce industry but it also explores the talent and creativity of photographers and models. Different subgenres of Fashion Photography deals with a different aspect of creativity and aims for different target audiences. The most difficult and high-end Fashion Photography is High Fashion Photography.

What is High Fashion Photography

High Fashion Photography deals with the over-dramatic and fantasy-like aspect of luxury outfits. Its main purpose is to showcase an elite and exaggerated look to have an impact on the emotions of the viewers.

High Fashion Photography is mainly used by Exclusive Brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel to portray the class and elegance of their product. This subgenre of photography is often associated with well-known celebrities and supermodels. Thus, the expenses do not only include the high-end equipment and models but also popular photographers and their creativity.

Important Features Of High Fashion Photography

There are certain aspects of High Fashion photography that make it different and sumptuous from other styles of Photography.


Unlike other subgenres of Fashion Photography, High Fashion photoshoot requires very careful consideration when it comes to choosing models. As mentioned earlier, this type of photo shoot is mainly done by Exclusive Brands to advertise their products via magazines like Vogue. Therefore the models should also have enough popularity and experience to carry the weight of the reputation of the brand. Along with their veteran experience and personality, the models play an important role to bring out the surrealism of the photographs.

High Fashion Photoshoot DIY Guide 2023 | Models
Celebrity Supermodel Gigi Hadid Posing For Versace Fashion Photoshoot On Vogue.


The quintessential rules of posing for a photoshoot do not apply to High Fashion Photography. As the saying goes “The Sky Is The Limit”, posing for this photoshoot is bound by any extremities. The model and the photographer’s feelings and creativity should do the magic.

High Fashion Photoshoot DIY Guide 2023 | Pose
Pose Often Conveys The Story Behind The Shoot


Playing with different camera angles is no stranger to fashion photographers. And High Fashion Photoshoot is no exception. Exploring different and unique angles can help tell the story and at the same time bring out the beauty of the outfit and the model.

High Fashion Photoshoot DIY Guide 2023 | Angle
A Wide Angle From The Top Is Bringing Out The Dramatic Effect Of The Photograph.


Unique or even some simple props can help increase the dramatic effect on the image. The props should go well with the theme and concept of the shoot. The color and placement of the prop can be difficult to choose and it requires a lot of creative ideas to handle a prop accurately without distracting the focused item.

High Fashion Photoshoot DIY Guide 2023 | Props
A Contrasting Colored Prop Gives The Image An Extra Dimension.


Editing the photographs is the most important part of High Fashion photography. To get the breathtaking and surrealistic effect on the images you need a good idea about photo editing. Even though the editing of different elements in the image mostly depends on the concept of the photo shoot, just enhancing the colors and saturation can also work for beginners.

High Fashion Photoshoot DIY Guide 2023 | Editing
Editing Is The Trick Behind The Futuristic Image.


High Fashion Photoshoot does not only takes place in a studio, they can also be shot in different locations with scenic background view. It can be an indoor setup and it can also be outdoors in nature or on the streets. The right background can make a huge difference in the quality of the image therefore choose your background extra carefully.

High Fashion Photoshoot DIY Guide 2023 | Background
The Mesmerizing Background Is Adding Onto The Luxurious Look.


To get the dramatic effect of High Fashion Photography, dramatic makeup is also appreciable. Get your concept clear beforehand with the model and makeup artist to portray the perfect look through the makeup. It is not necessary to have an artistic makeup look but heavy makeup always goes well with heavy photoshoot setups.

High Fashion Photoshoot DIY Guide 2023 | Makeup
The Artistic Makeup Makes The Image Alluring.


Marketing is another important part of the High Fashion Photoshoot. It is highly professional and requires a good amount of expense. Posting them casually on just social media might not give you the result that you wish for. With all the over-the-top looks of the images, not everyone can relate and imagine themselves in the outfits. Therefore, High Fashion Photographs are mainly promoted via sophisticated and luxury magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, and more. But that does not mean you cannot post your creativity online, you just need the right audience to understand your creativity.

High Fashion Photoshoot DIY Guide 2023 | Marketing
Most High Fashion Photographs Are Taken For Vogue.


The High Fashion style of photography goes through multiple processes from creating concepts to marking. A lot of creativity, effort, and money make the perfect fantasy-like image that looks surreal and appeals to the audience. Creativity does not have any boundaries, similarly, High Fashion Photography is able to portray a different kind of posh aesthetic. Even due to its high budget luxury brands tries out different concepts in this genre to keep their affluent customers on the edge, small business owners and photographers can also try out something unique with this genre to make a name for their brand.