Social Currency will always be relevant when it comes to the online world. Regardless of where you look, you can’t deny that online success directly results from other people’s actions. This applies even to a powerful reselling platform like Poshmark.

On Poshmark, having many followers will undoubtedly give you an edge regarding potential sales. More followers mean more people can view new products when you list them.

Top Ways To Gain Followers On Poshmark

The following are practical ways to help you grow your follower base on Poshmark.

Attractive Closet

Your priority is to ensure that your wardrobe is always appealing. Of the multitude of tips we suggest, this is the most significant. If your closet doesn’t grab the attention of others, they may not follow.

Ensure that you fill your wardrobe with a ton of inventory in various sizes and that your cover shots are adequately bright, clear, and unique. Also, the more listings that you have, the better.

Finally, conduct a little research on what brands and trends customers are searching for to ensure that you’re stocking desired items that will attract more eyeballs to your closet.

Become A Posh Ambassador

A Poshmark Ambassador essentially is an officially verified user representing someone who is actively purchasing, selling, and sharing. The most significant advantage of becoming a Posh Ambassador is that you are likely to acquire more followers on Poshmark – the application/site suggests your closet to various users who are likely to follow you!

Everything sounds perfect! So what are the steps to becoming a Posh Ambassador?

·    Ensure that your share your items a minimum of 5000 times

·    Make sure that you share a minimum of 5,000 items from other Poshers

·    Have a minimum of 50 available items for sale in your closet

·    Make at least 15 sales on Poshmark

·    Have an average rating of at least 4.5 stars

·    Make sure that you ship your items in 3 days or less

 This seems overwhelming but becomes easy once you make it a routine. 

Party Sharing

To gain more exposure, make it a point to share your content with at least one party daily. While transferring to a party, users taking part in that party will be able to see your listings and possibly follow you in return. More exposure is directly proportional to more Poshmark followers.

Sharing Other Users’ Items

To get more Poshmark followers, you should share other users’ items on a consistent basis. These users will be notified when you share their items making them more likely to follow your closet.

Follow The Followers Of Prosperous And Active Users

One of the most effortless ways of finding active Poshers – and subsequently potential followers- is to follow the followers of a successful and prominent seller. Search for closets that have more than 100,000 followers.

Click on the ‘followers’ tab and follow everybody you see on this list. This list includes the 1,000 latest followers that the seller has. Thus, these users are most active on the platform and more likely to follow you.

Continuously Follow Celebrity Pop-up Closets

Poshmark consistently releases celebrity pop-ups time after time. This implies that a celebrity curates a selection from their closet to sell on Poshmark and donates the returns to a charity of their preference.

This is your opportunity not only to score a previously superstar-owned item but also to acquire lots of followers on Poshmark. VIP pop-ups rapidly attract a large number of followers, and this is an extraordinary method to find out the most active Poshers. Follow all the followers and repeat this step after a couple of hours.

Follow And Interact With New Users

Following new closets is an effective method for gaining more followers on Poshmark. These are individuals who have recently joined Poshmark. You can track them down by tapping the ‘discover people’ section.

We often hear Poshmark users grumble that new users do not follow them back. The point to remember here is to follow them and consistently engage with them. You can welcome them in their ‘meet the Posher’ listing, inviting them to Poshmark and proposing to help if they have any inquiries. Along these lines, they’re bound to look at your closet and follow you.

The Poshmark algorithm likewise prefers this, and your listings will receive wider visibility. However, it would help if you resisted the impulse to promote your closet straightforwardly (e.g., “look at my closet and make a bundle”).

Utilise Social Media Platforms To Publicize Your Closet

To get more followers on Poshmark, leverage the immense power of social media, especially Pinterest and Instagram, as they allow you to communicate with other Poshers.

You can flaunt your finds, show individuals what you have added to your closet recently, or ask individuals to follow you.

These are extraordinary ways of gaining new followers, and you could sell your items quicker, assuming they grab someone’s attention on social media. There is an entire posh community on both Pinterest and Instagram. Use hashtags such as #posher, #poshmarkcloset, and so on to bring more extra traffic to your closet.

Final Thoughts

This list is long, and you won’t be able to do everything daily, except if you’re glued to the Poshmark application daily. Evaluate the various techniques and see what works out for you.

Eventually, it’s all about your engagement with the application and other users. Growing a follower base on Poshmark takes time and work, and it will not be an overnight success, but consistent hard work will make it happen!

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