Etsy is one of the largest global e-commerce platforms. Handmade goods are its specialty. Vintage items sold by legitimate sellers are one of Etsy’s most distinguishable features. It is an excellent platform for independent sellers to get their products the required exposure. Proper pictures are important to achieve the intended customer acquisition.  

The aspect ratio for a picture on Etsy is 4:3. Keep the image at a minimum of 500 x 500 pixels for listing on the Etsy site. High-quality photographs, especially in .png, .jpg, and .gif pictures are relevant to be uploaded on the site. A good camera will get the job done!

Being a long-time user of Etsy, I will list down below some pointers on how to acquire the perfect photo required for product listing on the website. Go through the article to get acquainted with this online site.

So, here are the ideas to get you started:

· Use the correct device:

It is crucial to use a suitable device for getting the right pictures. High-quality pictures are required for listing the products on the site. Surveys show that pictures tend to gather the most customers within 10 seconds. You can use an iPhone 14 camera, or a Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus 5G,  or a professional camera to take HD-quality pictures for your products. This is sure to garner customer interest.

· Get the correct stats:

One has to take the image horizontally. Take a minimum of 10 good shots are required for posting a picture on Etsy for the product display. You have to take photos from several angles to provide a 360-degree view of the product in question.

· Ratio as per picture category:  

Now, this is an important aspect you have to keep in mind before posting on Etsy. For the shop banner, keep the photo for small shop banners at 1600 x 213 pixels. In the case of larger banners, it is better to keep the picture at 1600 x 400 pixels. In the case of thumbnail pictures, a ratio of 570 x 456 pixels is apt.

Most importantly, now, in the case of listing images, maintain a ratio of 2000 pixels and try to save the picture with a .dpi. This saves the picture from being blurred even when zoomed in by the customer.

• Use the right editing apps:

Using apps like Canva and Picsart provides you with the integral requisites for adding the important details to your image with the right template. Maintaining a specific template over a span of time helps in getting the interested consumer base who look up the particular product on Etsy.

• Use the right background:

Using the correct background for the pictures is important. A clear white backdrop enhances the credibility of the image. It also makes the product more credible to the viewers. A shabby background tends to hamper customer interaction with the product listed.

• Cover photo:

The ratio of 4:1 is appropriate. One must always keep the cover photo on Etsy at a ratio of 1200 x 300 pixels, at the least. In the case of larger images, a ratio of 3360 x 840 works completely fine.

• Shop Icon for Etsy:

The shop icon creates a major impression on the buyers. Thus, it is important to get the perfect ratio for the shop icon. 500 x 500 pixels is the accurate ratio for the shop icon on Etsy.

• Profile picture:

A profile picture is essential for brand and seller recognition. Keep the profile picture at a ratio of 500 x 500 pixels for maximum clarity.

E-commerce platforms are emerging at the top with the growing technological era. Etsy is one of the best online sites for acquiring maximum profit on the products you wish to sell. Use the tricks mentioned above to get the best benefits.
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