Creating high-quality product photos is not an issue anymore. Here, we’ve listed some quick tips on e-commerce product photography. Follow these tips and drive your e-commerce sales hassle-free.

E-Commerce Conversion Rate

The percentage of website visitors who purchased something from your online store.

The Average e-commerce conversion rate is between 2.8% and 6%.

Conversion Rate Optimization With Better Product Photos

In a survey by Weebly, 75% of buyers say that product images were “very influential” when they’re deciding whether they want to buy a product online.

22% of buyers return items purchased online because they looked different in person than in the photo.

Tips On Creating High-Converting Product Photos

1. Clear And High-Quality

Driving Ecommerce Sales Through Product Photos | Clear & High-Quality

2. Multiple Photos, Multiple Angles

Driving Ecommerce Sales Through Product Photos | Multiple Photos, Multiple Angles

3. Set The Scene

Driving Ecommerce Sales Through Product Photos | Set The Scene

4. Consistent Theme

Driving Ecommerce Sales Through Product Photos | Consistent Theme

Create Professional Product Photos with Blend

You can further improve your conversion rate by using Blend, a photo editor for e-commerce sellers.

Using Blend, you can automatically remove the image background, and choose from 1000+ templates available for different events, platforms, and e-commerce categories.

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