In 2013, Kidizen was originally called Itizen, a peer-to-peer marketplace for pre-loved kidstuff. The company launched its app under the name Kidizen in 2014. The Minneapolis-based online resale platform for clothing and apparel for children grew 51% in 2021. In the first quarter of 2021, it had grown 79% from the same period when compared to 2020. With over 800,000 registered users, it generated Three million USD in revenue. There’s no doubt about it, this online marketplace has been around for a long time. They originally focused exclusively on kids, but now they also have a mama category. This means you can sell women’s clothing and accessories through this virtual consignment shop as well. If you’ve listed items on Poshmark or Mercari, you’ll see that Kidizen isn’t much different. We have compiled a list of Do’s and Don’ts that can help you turn out bigger profit margins when selling on Kidizen.

DO – Create listing titles that help you sell more

Make sure that you take good care of your listing titles. This is crucial as any listing gets maximum leads through search, may it be search engines or platform based. One key point to remember is that each listing should be titled in a way, where it at least uses colour, brand and any relevant keywords. The mantra here is to keep it short, SEO friendly and relevant.

Keep your listing titles short, SEO friendly and relevant.

DO – Look after the product photos

Once the shopper has landed on your product listing page, the very next thing they are going to look at are, product photos. Hence making sure that each photo you use is clear and relevant is very important. The basic idea is to display the product in its true condition while also making sure it looks appealing. Do not try to use filters that block the item condition or colours but make use of basic editing to tune contrast, brightness, colour, etc. You may also check out these great apps to help out with backgrounds as clean backgrounds work best when it comes to selling online.

Make use of clear and relevant product photos that are appealing to the shoppers.

DO – The right thing in terms of pricing

You may have dreams to become the top seller but that may happen eventually not instantly. So in the meantime try not to have unrealistic prices just try and turn huge profits, as that may negatively impact your sales. Kidizen allows you to list an item for free. They deduct 12% (+ $0.50) from the list price when your item sells. If you choose free shipping when listing, the label fee will also be taken out of your earnings. Keep these factors in mind and also use similarly priced items to determine the right price that your item might be able to fetch.

DO – Understand why Kidizen was created

As mentioned before, Kidizen was created as a selling platform that primarily focused on catering to kids. Even though like most platforms it may have started to expand its reach, never forget the idea it was created on. Most loyal users love the fact that the platform they use stays unique and hence the real game changer is still the kids section. The little ones tend to grow quickly and hence have higher apparel requirements in comparison to adults. This gives you more reach as a seller, you can however always expand your niche once you’re an established seller.

Always keep in mind the prime focus of any E-commerce platforms.

DON’T – Forget to write a good listing description

Let’s say you have created a listing with a great title, uploaded wonderful photographs and priced it right, but you missed to create a good listing description. This will not be your best bet as descriptions are very important, you can go about telling a story about your product here. The best way to get started is from your title itself and make sure you include key details about the product. These can include brand, colour, size, condition and any material details. 

Make sure to include key details in your product descriptions.

DON’T – Create misleading listings

When it comes to online shopping on any platform the one thing all of us hate is getting conned. Hence creating listings that are not true to the core are an absolute NO! Make sure to list the item details along with any defects. This will help you get better reviews as a seller and build customer trust in you, which would eventually convert to loyal customers and in turn to higher numbers of sales.

DON’T – Try to Sell restricted items

Like all platforms Kidizen also has limitations to what you can and can’t sell on it. All items labelled for kids can be listed as long as the item listed falls under the listing categories and subcategories provided. Examples of prohibited kids items include, but are not limited to: replicas, food products, tech/electronics products and accessories, home decor, kitchen products, items that pose a health hazard or illegal items. Similarly, women’s items can be listed under the Mama category as long as they fall under the listing categories and subcategories provided. Prohibited Mama items include perfume, wellness products, make-up and beauty products and hygiene products. Sellers who repeatedly list prohibited items can cause permanent suspension from Kidizen.

Avoid using prohibited items on Kidizen.