The most anticipated and last festival of the year is knocking at our doors and people have already started to prepare for the big day. It is the festival where we decorate our houses with bright lights and decorate Christmas trees to celebrate with our loved ones. Conducting a Yard Sale is the easiest way to resell your previous years’ decorations and save up more money to buy presents for friends and family.

What Is Yard Sale

A Yard Sale, also known as Garage Sale is a method of reselling unwanted products of the household by the owner. Anyone can conduct a Yard Sale with or without a business license. It helps save money and the used goods can find a new home.

When Is Best Time To Resell

You have finally decided to hold a Garage Sale and have prepared your products for it. Now, you might be wondering when is the right time to conduct it. It is hard to set a specific date for a Christmas Sale because many people try to buy all the necessary Christmas decorations such as lamps, Christmas carols, story lamps, balsam hill trees, appliances, blow-ups, hallmark ornaments, toys, Christmas trees, etc during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale. But the actual Christmas Sale starts somewhere around a week before Christmas Eve so you might try uploading your listings 10 to 14 days before the big day and promote it till almost everything is sold.

How To Promote

One of the most straightforward and effective ways to promote would be, via social media. If you can afford some budget to promote with ads, then you can do so with your city as the target region in your ad. It may sound overwhelming, but you’ll be surprised by how simple it is. Just go through the 2/3 basic steps as guided, for promoting your yard sale post.

Organically, Facebook Marketplace is a good area to announce your yard sale with each of your product details. See how you can post a garage sale on Facebook Marketplace.

Images are a critical aspect here, so make sure the product images are clear and high-quality.

Take it up a notch by using Christmas-themed templates on Blend to make it more appealing.

Best Time To Sell Christmas Decorations On Yard Sale | Create Advertisements With Blend
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