With the increase in online business, shoppers and businesses are moving more and more towards e-commerce. Customers prefer to shop online instead of visiting brick-and-mortar stores as they find it more convenient, comfortable, and cost-effective. Selling and buying all kinds of products from food to clothes has become easy for both sellers and buyers. However, online selling is not as easy as it seems as not all visits to your website can lead to sales. So one needs to make attempts to increase the conversion rate majorly by focusing on the product page or pages in the checkout process.

To boost your e-commerce sales, every step needs to be analyzed from landing page to checkout as at the end of the day it will help you increase your revenue and sales.

Measuring e-commerce conversions

An ideal step towards increasing your conversion sales would be to measure them. Take into consideration that your site gets 2,000 visitors and makes 30% sales. Your calculation would be like  (30 / 1,000) x 100 which will result in your conversion rate being 3%. 

Now, according to how your site is performing and how it needs to perform, here is how you can

Boost your e-commerce conversions
  1. Live chat customer service
Boost E-commerce Sales with Higher Conversion | Live Chat Customer Service
Live chat answers customers’ queries.

Customers have a lot of questions when they are buying online and would prefer to buy from a website that answers instantly. They always look for accurate and prompt responses. Introducing live chat support on your e-commerce website will make customers happy and enhance your brand image and trust. Also make sure your customer representatives or live chat agents are proactive so that they do not keep the customers waiting for a long time, or else they will get bored or irritated and will simply lose interest in making the purchase.

2. Mobile optimization

Boost E-commerce Sales with Higher Conversion | Mobile Optimization
Customers prefer buying from smartphones.

Customers spend most of their time on mobile and prefer buying from mobile devices only. Therefore, your e-commerce store should provide the customers with a great mobile experience that is fast and easy to use. 

3. Product descriptions 

Customers can’t touch or ask questions online, so you need to make sure that all details related to the product are added. It can also contain interesting and informative content like adding a product video that will make your customers interested in your product and will go ahead in making the purchase. 

One another way is to go for SEO of your website which is very important to boost your e-commerce conversion rate as it will enhance high traffic to your website as well as build your SEO ranking

4. High-quality images and videos 

Boost E-commerce Sales with Higher Conversion | High-Quality Images and Videos
High-quality media helps visualize better.

Good quality images and videos of products will help customers visualize better and make a purchase. Images need to be very clear and natural. Also, keep in mind to focus more on the product and avoid unnecessary backgrounds. There are various apps available that make your editing easy and one such app is Blend. It makes available a variety of templates and features which help you build a good product description. Its one-click background remover and photo editor feature help you create more professional-looking images for your site.

5. Display customer reviews 

Boost E-commerce Sales with Higher Conversion | Customer Reviews
Customer reviews help build trust.

It has been noticed that most of the customers check the review section before making a purchase. Make it a point to always add customer reviews to your site as it has a high chance of increasing your conversions. 

You should also give your visitors the chance to leave their reviews along with their photos. This surely boosts conversion and builds trust in the customer.

6. Send recommendations 

The most common practice used these days is to send the customer the invoice through email. Now innovation can be done here where you can add recommendations of your other products and services based on their current purchase. 80% of the customers like it when they are recommended anything and surely visit again. 

7. A/B test

Split testing is one of the best ways to increase e-commerce conversion rate and is very simple. Let us suppose you have two headlines for your online page, and you are not sure which one to use, so you can choose the A/B split testing method which will help you find out which one is preferred. Now you need to make two versions of your site page, and the software will send half the traffic to page A and the other half to page B, and then you can use the A or B headline according to the results. 

E-commerce checkout conversion rate 

The last step in e-commerce conversion is to turn visitors into customers and it happens at the checkout page where you can see both conversions and abandonment. 

Optimizing your checkout becomes essential to improving your conversion rates. There are many different ways one can take to create a good checkout page like

  • Guest checkout
  • Persistent shopping cart
  • Offer free shipping or other customizable delivery options