One of the most significant sales of the year is just around the corner and e-commerce business owners are as busy as they can get. From planning to executing it takes a lot of trial and error to ensure everything is perfect. The best way is to create a Black Friday e-commerce checklist that will help you organize everything systematically.

Here are some simple tips that can help you plan and boost your online business sales.

1. Recheck Your Inventory

This is the time which provides the most profits annually and you do not want to lack behind your competitors just because you are out of products. Planning is important while you refill your inventory. Analyze what your customers buy most and make sure you are all prepared. Do not forget to double-check!

2. Review Shipping And Return Policy

The sales week is going to be super hectic and hundreds of customers would like to buy items for themselves and their loved ones. So, it is very necessary that they get a premium shopping experience, especially during the time of the sale. Run multiple tests to review that the shipping process is running smoothly on the website and also remember to keep the buyers’ interest in mind while updating your return policies.

3. Ensure The Traffic Of Your Website

This is another important point that you need to pre-plan. Decorate your website with all your featured sale products. Test if your website provides all the necessary information regarding your brand and your products in the descriptions and homepage so that they can buy worry-free. The more eye-catching and informative your website looks, the more consumers will show interest in your shop. Also, don’t forget to make your website mobile responsive because more than 70% sells are from mobile phones.

4. Automatize your Promotional Emails

Emails work as one of the key promotional strategies in an online business. Use it to promote the Black Friday Sale and the different offers you provide which sets you apart from your competitors. Instead of writing or copying the email bodies for all your buyers, just automatize it in a standard and attractive format which will save you valuable time for live chatting with them on their inquiries.

5. Reward Loyal Customers

To increase traffic and conversion on your site, always reward your customers with freebies or offers. This will also help you with a good reputation and who does not come back for a freebie or two? Ask your customers to share their experiences and showcase the customer ratings in your product descriptions.

6. Attract Customers With Attractive Ads

The most important part of online seasonal sales is definitely attractive product photos and ads that outreach to the potential buyers out there for you. Create shareable ads and upload them to the official page of your brand across distinct social media sites. Try to start sharing your ads at least one month prior to the sale and spread it across the internet as much as you can. You can choose a specific theme or just build a suspenseful ad that will grow the interest of the viewers.

Use Blend to create attractive ads and product images for the big day. Blend provides 5000+ templates from which you can choose what suits your theme and shop the best.

You can get it on Google Play or App Store. Have a successful Black Friday!