Imagine working hard on creating an image for days only to end up getting it stolen by a random stranger. It definitely does not feel right for any artist. Therefore, putting a watermark is very important to prevent people from stealing and tampering with your work without your permission.

Editing a watermark to your image is no hard job with the help of Blend. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how you can add a watermark to an original image using your smartphone.

Step 1

Download the Blend app from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. Sign in and upload your watermark image in the ‘Create Design ‘ section. Blend’s advanced AI technology will automatically remove the background of your image background so that you do not have to waste your time doing it manually.

How To Add Watermark To An Image | Step 1
Download Blend to edit watermarks.

Step 2

Click on the background less cutout of your watermark and tap on ‘Background’ to edit your image from your gallery.

How To Add Watermark To An Image | Step 2
Edit the image as background.

Step 3

Edit the watermark and adjust the size. Move it around and place it in a place where it clearly visible yet not hindering the focused item on the image.

How To Add Watermark To An Image | Step 3
Adjust the watermark.

Step 4

Save in JPG or PNG files. Your edit will also be automatically saved in the ‘Project’ section for future use.

How To Add Watermark To An Image | Step 4
Save and upload.

Another way to add a watermark to your image is by editing it in your image as a logo. Just click on ‘Add Image’ and choose the watermark from your gallery. Adjust the size and place to get a satisfying result.

How To Add Watermark To An Image | Another Way To Add Watermark
Edit watermark as logo on image.

Download Blend now to get started! Click here to learn more.